Friends of the Andrea Doria Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 1 Saturday, August 04, 2001

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter.  As information relating to the Andrea Doria is received we will send you a newsletter to keep you up to date on anything Andrea Doria.

We recently received word that survivor Robert Hudson passed away about 3 years ago. Robert was the last survivor to leave the ship and was the only survivor that was picked up by the tanker Hopkins.

There were two diving expeditions to the Andrea Doria scheduled for July 24-28, one by the Wahoo and the other by the Seeker. I spoke to the captain of the Wahoo and he informed me that the seas were very rough with 7-foot swells. The Wahoo started heading out to the diving site and had to take shelter before turning back to Montauk NY.  The Seeker never left the pier in Montauk.
It seems the Andrea Doria did not want visitors this year on the 45th Anniversary of the sinking

History Channel: 20th Century with Mike Wallace Great Rescues
Segment on the Andrea Doria
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August 7th 2p-3p
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