Friends of the Andrea Doria Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 13 Saturday, July 5th, 2003

Hello friends,

It's been a hectic few months in the Grillo household and I'm way behind in answering email. Please be patient, I will get to it.

Your response to the memorial wreath has been terrific! So far I have collected $436.00 toward the wreath. I have spoken to Rose at Wicks florist in Baldwin NY and they will create the wreath for us. The cost of the wreath will be approx $315.00 and I will hold the remainder of the donations for next year's wreath. For those of you that sent in checks early on, I have not cashed the checks so they will remain outstanding in your checking account. As soon as the wreath is commissioned I will deposit the checks. I will order the wreath on July 7th and Wicks will order the flowers and have the wreath delivered on July 14th.
I would like to thank the following for donating to the wreath:

Luciano Fiume: In memory of his father, Salvatore, who painted one of the murals on the Andrea Doria.
Lorenzo Gatti Roncheri: In memory of this uncle, Antonio Gatto Roncheri, crewman on the AndreanDoria.
Angela & Carmelo Grillo: Angela was a survivor along with her son Anthony. Carmelo worked for the Italian Line.
Dale Niewoehner: Friend of the Andrea Doria.
Cynthia Shea Mease: In memory of her father, Capt. John Shea. 
Marie Piacente: Friend of the Andrea Doria. Her husband, Andrew was born on the Andrea Doria in October 1953.
Joseph Porporino: In memory of his parents, Santino & Concetta Porporino. Joseph and his parents are survivors.
Pat Carboni Weippert: Patrizia was only about a year old and a survivor.
Maria Bellone Leone: On behalf of her mother Maria ,her uncle Joseph, her grandfather Frank and the rest of the family. All were survivors.
Andrew and Phyllis Calvano:  Friends of the Andrea Doria. Andrew was born on the ship in 1954.
Lisa Grammatica: In memory of her father-in-law, survivor Nicola Grammatica.
Anna Conti Greene: In memory of her mother, Lucia Conti. Both were survivors.
Emanuela Rowe:In memory of her parents, Sebastiano and Agatina Tortora, survivors.
Pierrette Burzio Simpson: In memory of the souls that lost their lives. Piera is a survivor.

Thank for helping me keep the memory of the Andrea Doria Sinking alive. We remember not only those that perished that night, but all those that have since passed away. 


Two issues ago I had published a request from survivor Pierrette Simpson (Piera Burzio) that she would like to contact other survivors. Survivors, please reach out to her at (248) 349-8557 or

Pierette was also kind enough to send me some information on another survivor, Celeste Caputo. Celeste is in her 80's and living in the US. Celeste was an adult companion for 19 year old Germina D'Onofrio. Pierrette also send me a recent photo of herself and Germaine. Look for it on the web site.


I ran across information for an expedition called "Andrea Doria '74". There is a movie, book and record which is the soundtrack for a documentary of the same name. Seems it was released on the CAM label in 1969 and the music is by Riz Ortolani. Anybody have any information on the album? How about a copy of it? More information about all three may be found in the Media section of the website. Any information is appreciated.

Dr. Salvatore Fiorenza sent me a VHS tape copy of a 16mm home movie his father took aboard the Andrea Doria in July 1955. It shows the departure from Genoa and the stops in between until it arrived in NY. Poolside footage and other area of the ship are shown. Lone Wolf Pictures will examine the footage and may incorporate some of it into the documentary with the permission of Dr. Fiorenza. If you have any old home movies of the Andrea Doria please contact me, Lone Wolf is looking for additional footage.


In the last issue I informed you about a reunion that was held in Italy. There is an article written by an Italian newspaper called "Spetacolli" in the Reunion Section of the web site. It is in a PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. The free reader can be downloaded from

Another reunion in Italy has been postponed until next summer. Leonardo Faccenda is looking toward next summer, 2004 in Genoa. 

Feliciano Costa, son of Benedetto who is a survivor and crew member of the Andrea Doria has sent me a photo of a plaque he created. The plaque spells out the Andrea Doria radio call letter using nautical flags. You can find the photo in the Projects section of the web site.


Dear Mr. Grillo
I am a wreck diver and I research shipwrecks and their survivors as a hobby. I live in Minnesota and know a lot about lake Superior shipwrecks. I love the Andrea Doria, it was a truly majestic ship and timeless. I someday hope to be able to dive the Doria and see the grand dame for myself. I would love to be able to contact other survivors of the Doria. Lots of stuff is written in books on the sinking but a lot of that is biased and not all the facts are their. I find that I learn more about things from just talking to people. I have talked to several survivors of great lakes shipwreck tragedies and have learned a lot about the people themselves, their courage, and how things like this could be prevented in the future. I wish you and all the other survivors of the Andrea Doria much luck and happiness in your future. You will all be in my prayers and you are all very courageous heroes.
Thank You, Stephen Hamre, 1359 Hillcrest Dr, Fridley, MN 55432
Editors Note: Please contact Stephen directly if you are willing to speak to him.

Angelina Diana and two of her children perished in the collision and I have heard from her grand-daughter. Angelina's surviving son honored his mother by naming his daughter after her. Her grand-daughter, Angelina Diana wrote me that see is very happy to see that we are remembering those who perished. 

I hope you had a safe Independence Day, and enjoyed the fireworks. I know  did.

That all for this issue. Until next time please keep visiting the web site.

Anthony Grillo

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