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Vol. 1 Issue 5 Saturday, January 19, 2002

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a very safe and happy holiday season.

The circulation of this little newsletter keeps growing and I have received some very positive feedback about it. Thank you! I only wish I could also mail it out to the survivors and families that are not connected to the internet.

If you would like some back issues let me know and Iíll email them to you, just let me know the issue numbers.

In Passing:

Lydia Chiussi informed me that her father Fabio Chiussi passed away on December 18, 2001. Fabio was the assistant First Class Purser on the Andrea Doria. I have corresponded with Fabio over the internet for the past few years and I knew that his health was failing. Fabio was kind enough to sent me some of mementos of the Andrea Doria and told me to hold on to them. Lydia states that her father ďlived a full and eventful lifeĒ. May he rest in peace.

Rachelle Worsham writes to tell us that her grandparents William and Christine Belt have passed away. William in 1990 and Christine in 2000. In passing they left two daughters, Linda Bruckner and Judith Hoffman, both survivors and seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.


We welcome aboard Enrico Prata and his mother Margherita who are Cabin Class survivors. Enrico was 11 years old at the time and has a vivid memory of the events. His mom is 87years old  and living in Italy. We hope to see Enrico at our next reunion!


If you happen to be in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida you may want to stop in the South Florida Museum of Natural History. Located at 481 South Federal Highway, Dania Beach, Florida 33004.

On permanent display they have 2 dishes that were recovered from the Andrea Doria by divers. For more information you can contact the museum at 954 925-7770 or visit their web site at


Dear Jack, You can get a set of Andrea Doria plans (General arrangement and body plan):
from: Associazione Navimodellisti Bolognesi. Please, find below a link to their web page

Also, I suggest - if you have not already done so - to contact Jacob Denneman
who is building a spectacular 1/50 scale of the vessel.

Hope this info will prove of some help to you. Kind regards and buone feste,

Maurizio Eliseo, Maritime Historian

I have a question about the Andrea Doria. I have a post card from someone who sailed on the Andrea Doria in the 1920ís. The one you sailed on is actually the Andrea Doria 2? Thank you for you answer to this question that is bugging me.

Sincerely, Jack Jakubal.

[editor: Anybody know of another Andrea Doria? Let me know and Iíll post it here.]

I agree with Mr. Thieriot that there were several inaccuracies in Mr. Goldstein's book. What really amazes me is that as one of only two persons standing on the foredeck of the Stockholm at the time of the collision, no one except an attorney for the Swedish-American Line has ever interviewed me. Books have been written and a TV show has been produced but no one has solicited my input. As far as I know, the other person, who may have been a member of the crew, has not been interviewed. Furthermore, having been an eyewitness to all the events preceding the collision as well as everything following the collision, what strikes me as incomprehensible is the fact I was not called upon to testify before any investigative agency nor before any court passing judgment on this matter.

It would be most interesting to see comments from other survivors. In spite of the inaccuracies, I did enjoy reading "Desperate Hours".

Alfred Pearson, San Diego


In what 1954 movie did the Andrea Doria have a cameo appearance? Answer will be posted in the next newsletter.

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