Friends of the Andrea Doria Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 6 Sunday, April 14, 2002

Hello my friends and fellow survivors! Due to some personal commitments it has been very difficult to keep up with the newsletter and the web site. I also owe a few of you some email responses, please accept my apologies.  Work has not halted on the web site, it has just been delayed in getting posted. The site became to large to stay within the confines of my web hosting account, as a result I had to wait for my current contract to expire so I could negotiate a new contract with more room for material. That has been done and I will start updating the site again. I now have double the previous space, however it comes at a small price, more on that later. Regards, Anthony Grillo

 In Passing:

Alejandro Macias-Pardo has written to inform me that his grand-father, Tourist Class survivor Marcial Pardo Velazco passed away in the summer of 2001. Alejandro was kind enough to send me an old photo of his grand-father which I have posted on the web site.

Joyce LeClair Frisiello has informed me that her mother Tourist Class survivor,  Beatrice Bucci, passed away in May 1995. I was fortunate to find a newspaper article with her recollections, which I have posted on the web site.


Mike Di Ioia contacted me to let me know that his father Michael Di Ioia is a survivor of the Andrea Doria and is currently living in the US. Single at the time, he never returned to Italy. He married and raised a family in New Jersey.

The History Channel will air “Caught on Film” on Wednesday, April 17th 2002 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. There are 7 segments to the program that feature rare footage of historical events.  The last segment is about the Andrea Doria and it features Survivor Antonio DeGirolamo talking about the footage that will be shown. Unfortunately my cable company does not offer the History Channel. Check your local listings for your schedule and cable channel.


En 1985, j'ai lu un livre intitulé S.O.S ANDREA DORIA, emprunté à une bibliothèque et qui m'avait fait découvrir cette catastrophe. J'ai cherché depuis à plusieurs reprises à acquérir cet ouvrage ou un autre relatant les faits, mais sans succès. Je suis ravi d'avoir découvert votre sîte et vous remercie si possible de me faire savoir si un tel ouvrage existe.
merci d'avance.

In 1985, I read a book about ANDREA DORIA and I was touched by this story. The name was S.O.S ANDREA DORIA. It was not my book, and after, I tried to buy it or an other one, but it was not possible because I found no book. I'm so glad to find your mail.
Can you please give me the name of a book about ANDREA DORIA.
Thanks for answer, and sorry for my English language.

(Editor: Does anyone know of this book? Foreign edition of Collision Course or Saved?)


In what 1954 movie did the Andrea Doria have a cameo appearance? Answer will be posted in the next newsletter.

ANSWER: “On The Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.


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Thank you for your support!


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