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Vol. 2 Issue 2 Sunday, December 21st, 2003

Hello friends,

I am very happy to say that due to your support, the web site will remain online for years to come. Major funding for the site was provided by Nautical Research Group Inc. You can visit their website at The rest of the funding came from visitors like you.

Thank you all for "Keeping The Memory Alive".


From Italy, Danilo Renzetti wrote about his grandfather Carlo Bussi. Carlo was the radio operator on the Andrea Doria that sent the SOS. Carlo passed away in 1992, he was 87 years old.

Also from Italy, another survivor has been located. Giacomo Romano was 20 years old when he made the voyage to find work in the US. His son says his father still clearly remembers the events of that night.

The Vastano family are survivors and Tina has contacted me to let us know that she and her mother live in the US, her brother in Italy, and her father passed away years ago. On December 13th her mother celebrated her 90th birthday!

Dr. Frank Vicini is one of the youngest survivors of the Andrea Doria, his mother was 6 months pregnant at the time. His mother Maria was also traveling with his 3 year old sister Marina. They are all living in the US.


I hope you were all able to see the History Channel program, Deep Sea Detectives: The Andrea Doria: Tragedy at Sea that aired earlier this month. I thought it was pretty good with some actual footage of the ship and some survivor interviews. You can purchase a copy of the tape from the History Channel Website at for $24.95 Item Number: AAE-43918.

I was able to locate two audio interviews done by the Italian Radio RAI. Both interviews are in Italian and one interview is of families in NY waiting for the Andrea Doria to arrive, You can listen to it in the The Wait section of the web site. The other interview was of a survivor on the Ile de France and you can listen to it in the NY Arrival section of the web site.


Hello, Mr. Grillo! 
I've contacted you before in my research on the AD sinking because I'm writing a book about my aunt who died in the collision, Laura Pittau Bremermann.
Among the papers belonging to my uncle and cousins, I found a NYPost article dated Sunday, July 29, 1956 which is about my uncle and aunt. The only problem is that it continues on a page we no longer have. Would you or any of the survivors have that page?  Would anyone be willing to photocopy the rest of the story from page one, "Mystery of the Lady in Black". Thanks so much!
Penny Durant

(Editors Note): Anybody out there have the article? The NY Public Library on 5th Ave should have it on microfilm.

Just found your site and can't tell you how great it is to have found it. I happen to peruse the older emails and someone is looking for the video from Pete Gimble's "Final Chapter". I'm sure I'm about 2yrs late but I have a copy and would be glad to copy it for anyone who wants it for the cost of the tape and shipping. Thanks again
, Ken Lesniakowski

Hello there, I see the next airing of the Andrea Doria tragedy is going to be on my birthday...I just wanted to write and set the record straight, at least for me. This was recalled yesterday when my grandson came to me with a college project in history...after reflection, I realized that indeed, I was a part of history in a very tiny way.....I was a radioman on the U.S.S Guardian YAGR-1 which was a radar picket ship...I was a radioman third class and had the watch when I heard repeated three times the S.O.S. over our 500kc monitor...we were the only ship that for some reason (skip distance) could pick up the signals. I was able to be in contact with several other ships in the neighborhood of your ship at which time I relayed the co-ordinates to them.. we were the closest ship but our top speed being only 10.2 knots, it was decided that we should stay on station and just act as relay until contact was made by the rescue ships....I guess I just to bring this forward as at my now ripe old age of 66 it makes me proud to know that I accomplished something worthwhile while serving my country....I tell my grandchildren and perhaps they don't believe me but I was there so I know in my heart.....thank you for listening to me vent at long last.
God  bless and much good health, Reg. Walker     

I am interested in obtaining copies of  movies of the Andrea Doria some of the titles I am aware of are; 

-Andrea Doria, The Final Chapter, 1984
-Fate of the Andrea Doria, 1979
-Mystery of the Andrea Doria, 1975
Any help you could provide in locating these would be greatly appreciated. Thank You 
Stephen H. Zingale

That all for this issue. I wish you all Season's Greetings and may you have a safe and happy holiday. Until next time please keep visiting the web site.

Anthony Grillo

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