Friends of the Andrea Doria Newsletter

Vol. 2 Issue 4 Monday, April 14th, 2004

Hello friends,

I hope you had a pleasant and Holy Easter!

Lone Wolf Production has sent me the video of the Wreath Ceremony that was performed in July 2003. I have converted the audio portion of the file to MP3. You can listen to the files in the Reunion section of the web site.

Once again I am floored by a phone call. A reporter from the Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida called to get my comments about the restoration of the Admiral Andrea Doria statue. To refresh your memory the statue was recovered and eventually ended up on Capt. Turner's lawn where it has been for a number of years. The statue will now be restored and new feet and sword added and will be shipped to Italy to reside in a museum. You can read the article in the Artifacts section of the web site.

Emerson, from Brazil, writes to inform us of a book called Quella Notte a Nantucket (veritá sull caso Andrea Doria) by Corradino Corbň. It was published in 1986 and it is written in Italian. Seems that it available in Italy. See the Media section of the web site for more information regarding the book.

Tim Leagjeld from Minnesota has sent some pictures of a model he hand built of the Andrea Doria. You can view it in the Project section of the web site.

Cristina Rosin, grand-daughter of First Class Waiter Valentino Rosin, sent a picture of her grand-father along with a copy of the telegram the family received. Valentino passed away a number of years ago.

From Italy, Giuseppe D'Urzo sent some Italian news clippings and photos from Il Progresso. His father was a crewman on the Andrea Doria and he passed away in 1994.


Dear Mr Grillo: 
Congratulations on your excellent newsletter. I write to ask if any further information has come to light in the past four years about the automobiles aboard the liner - as you will know there are several stories that many expensive Lancias were being carried. Best wishes
John Williams

(Editor's Note): If you have any information on any of the cars that were being transported, please contact John.

Aside from those who were present on the command bridges of the respective ships, I am aware of only one other person who stood as an eyewitness to the events leading up to the collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm. I have never spoken to that other person who was standing there less than 100 feet from the point of impact. It would be interesting to compare notes with that person or anyone else who might have been an eyewitness to the collision. It's hard to believe the events of that night remain as clear to me as if it had happened yesterday. 
Alfred Pearson, 3057 Slayen Way, San Diego, CA 92117 tel: 858-274-8882

(Editor's Note): Alfred was on the Stockholm deck when the ships collided and witnessed the events leading to the collision.

Hello, I am the grand-niece of Jenny Frederico, who was a survivor of the Andrea Doria. I am doing a family genealogy, and am hoping for your help. My mother says Jenny was traveling with a cousin but I do not her/his name, though I assume it was a woman who was her cabin mate. Is there any way I can find out who shared the compartment with her? Jenny has been dead many years now. Her only survivors are a few nieces and nephews. Thanks for your beautiful website. Best wishes, Mary Anne Cartelli
(editor's note) If you can help Mary Anne, please contact her.

A Message from Survivor Pierette Simpson (Burzio)
As we all look ahead to the 50th anniversary of the Andrea Doria tragedy in 2006, I would like to offer a commemorative gift to the survivors.  I am writing and compiling a collection of stories of survival and courage about those of us who are still alive to retell our personal experiences on that fateful night.  This is being done by interviewing survivors and then writing their story.  Each one of us has a very special and unique account of how we survived.  Sharing this with others is a gift to humanity---a gift of inspiration.  I hope to be able to publish our stories and give each of you a copy, perhaps in the form of a book. Therefore, please consider having your personal story included in this commemorative endeavor.
I would love to speak with you; please call me at 248 349-8557 or write to me at  We can set up a convenient time to talk.  I look forward very much to hearing from you.  Grazie!  Pierette Simpson (Burzio)

(Editor's Note): Please contact Pierette on behalf of any relative that does not directly get the newsletter. She really wants to talk with other survivors.

My name is Ralph Sangiovanni, I live in Florida. I came across a post card from my grand father who sailed the Andrea Doria in Nov. of 1955, from NYC to Naples Italy. I don't know if you might be interested in a copy of the post card for your readers. It was sent to my father, we lived in the Bronx, NY at the time. You can call me at 239-540-0057. 
Thanks, Ralph

That all for this issue. Until next time please keep visiting the web site.

Anthony Grillo

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