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Andrea Doria Survivor Reunions

Since the early 1990's a small group of survivors along with members of the Reunion Committee have been holding reunions on Long Island to mark the tragic collision and to remember their fellow passengers who lost their lives.

Reunion 2003 - 47th Anniversary

The Reunion Committee did not hold a reunion this year on Long Island. We hope to have a reunion next year for the 48th Anniversary of the collision. In lieu of a reunion we decided on a memorial wreath to be placed at the site of the Andrea Doria

There was a diving expedition on July 14-18 2003 to the Andrea Doria. The expedition was for a History Channel program and Lisa Wolfinger from Lone Wolf Pictures agreed to drop a memorial wreath and video it. It would have been nice if it made it on the show but it didn't. However I have received photos taken of the the memorial to those who died in the collision.

MP3 Audio Of The Wreath Ceremony

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John Chatterton reads the names of those who perished. Photo: Jennifer Lorenz Richie Kohler prepares to throw the wreath. Photo: Jennifer Lorenz Richie Kohler throws wreath. Photo: Jennifer Lorenz Wreath in the water. Photo: Jennifer Lorenz Wreath out to sea. Photo: Jennifer Lorenz

Take a good look at the last picture and you can see a fog bank developing in the distance. 

Memorial Reading

Today, we gather here on behalf of the remaining survivors of the Andrea Doria collision, their families and their friends to remember their fellow travelers that lost their lives 47 years ago this month.

From the Andrea Doria:

Baratta, Margherita Pontecorvi and her daughter Agnese
Bremmerman, Laura
Carlin, Jeanette
Carola, Margaret
Cianfarra, Camille and his daughter Joan
Cirincione, Giuseppe and his wife Rosalia
Covino, Christina
De Grandi, Lucia and her infant son, Giuseppe
Del Gaudio, Teresa Maria
Di Luzio, Maria
Di Michele, Concetta
Di Sandro, Norma
Diana, Angelina with her young children, Biaggio and Victoria
Ferraro, Josephina
Gonzales, Angelina
Grechi, Maria
Guzzi, Antonietta
Guzzi, Giuseppe
Iazzetta, Amelia
Imbelloni, Maria Theresina
Leoni, Anita Arrigoni
Palmeri, Domenico
Palmeri, Francesca Maria
Peterson, Martha
Russo, Michele and his wife Giovanna and their two young daughters, Maria and Vincenzza
Sergio, Maria Concetta and her four young children, Anna Maria, Domenica, Giuseppe and Rocco
Suozzi, Michelina
Thieriot, Ferdinand and his wife Frances
Watres, Carl
Zumbo, Rosa
Zumbo, Vincenzo

From the Stockholm:

Anderson, Paul
Johannson, Alf
Jonasson, Carl
Osterberg, Karl
Steen, Sune
Svensson, Evert

We place this wreath to remember those who never finished their journey and for those that since then have passed on.

We Will Keep Your Memory Alive.

Although we did not hold a reunion this year, there was a small reunion held in Italy.  On April 27th the Lions Club in Lerici Italy held a "Day of Remembering" and remembered those who perished as well as survived the collision of the Andrea Doria and Stockholm. It was a conference of survivors and experts. They also honored the retired seaman, that for long periods of time, left their homes and families to sail across the globe.

Here is an article that appeared in one of the Italian newspapers called "Il Secolo XIX" in a section called "Spettacoli". It is written in Italian and it is a PDF file format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. It is a free download.

Spettacoli Article

Past Reunions

You can look back on these wonderful anniversary reunions by visiting the following links:


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