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There were 572 crew members on the Andrea Doria for the last voyage and the crew consisted of officers, sailors and support staff. The officers and sailors were responsible for the operation of the ship. The support staff consisted of waiters, cooks, cabin boys, chamber maids, and other personnel that would be considered the staff of a hotel. The Andrea Doria, after all, was a floating hotel and they were responsible for the comfort of the passengers.

The following list of crew members is considered complete and official. This was provided by Captain Raffaele Minotauro, Master of the Cristoforo Colombo. Captain Minotauro's father was a waiter on the Andrea Doria and he was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the "Ruolino Equipaggio, Viaggio No. 51". 

A mystery has presented itself. A list of crewmembers rescued by the U.S.S. Edward H. Allen was recently given to me by Mr. Werner O. Grabner who was on board the Allen. The list has 2 additional crewmen not listed in the official list. The crewmen are: Giordano Franciosi (stevedore) and Antonio Manilo (deck boy). If anybody out there has any information please contact me.

Andrea Doria Crew
Altana Mr. Costantino 42 yrs 2 o Cuoco. Waited so long to leave the ship that he finally had to jump, fracturing two ribs. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital
Ambrosini Mr. Andrea Operaio frig. Rescued by the Thomas
Ammendolia Mr. Fausto Piccolo com. CMU.
Angeli Mr. Antonio Cabin Class Capo Partita Sals
Annunziata Mr. Vincenzo Helmsman
Arcidiacono Mr. Carlo Cam re
Arecco Ms. Maria camer 
Arena Mr. Francesco Waiter com
Arena Mr. Giuseppe 2 o Cuoco
Arena Mr. Letterio Com 
Avenia Mr. Luigi Cabin Boy com
Avigo Mr. Cattulo Sailor. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Ciro_Auvito.jpg (34781 bytes)
Mr. Ciro Mr. Cam Argent. Steward. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Babuscio Mr. Paolo Cam re 
Badano Mr. Francesco Greaser
Badano Officer Guido Second Officer Junior on the bridge during the collision. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Baghino Mr. Giorgio Assistant Waiter com MSCa. Rescued by the Thomas
Bagnato Mr. Mario Giuseppe Deck Boy. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Ballaben Mr. Bruno Assistant Waiter
Balsamo Mr. Achille Cam Sal uffi CMU
Balzano Mr. Gaetano 35 yrs Cabin Boy. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Ban Mr. Giordano 2nd Electrician.  Rescued by the Edward Allen
Banchero Mr. Gregorio Camer bcp Rescued by the Thomas
Barone Mr. Francesco Greaser
Barraco Mr. Felice Operaio mecc
Barraco Mr. Vincenzo Operaio mot
Basile Mr. Raffaele Waiter com
Bassi Mr. Antonio Piccolo sc
Basso Mr. Luigi Greaser
Battista Ms. Giuseppina 33 yrs. Head presser in the laundry facility. Rescued by the Stockholm. Passed away Oct 1998.
Battois Mr. Giorgio Cabin Class kitchen boy. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Bauci Mr. Giordano Cabin Class Waiter cuc
Beck Mr. Michele Capo Sala
Bellocchio Mr. Luciano Waiter Guard
Benci Mr. Ermenegildo camer 
Benesch Mr. Benito Cabin Boy
Benzi Mr. Alessio First class steward. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Bersani Mr. Salvatore Orchestr 1a
Bertini Officer Emilio Tourist Class Purser. Rescued by the Thomas
Bertok Mr. Calisto Greaser. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Betro Mr. Francesco Maro Casser. Rescued by the Thomas
Bianco Mr. Attilio Tipografo B
Biasol Mr. Ermando Waiter com. Rescued by the Thomas
Biondino Mr. Nunziato Cam com
Bochino Mr. Francesco Printer. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Bonanini Mr. Giuseppe Cam com.
Bonanno Mr. Francesco 2. Elettricista
Bonato Mr. Arnaldo Piccolo Scelto
Bonivento Officer Adolfo Second Purser, Tourist class.
Boriello Mr. Antonio Assistant Waiter com CMC
Borsarelli Bartolomeo Camer lusso. Rescued by the Thomas
Botto Mr. Giuseppe Cam Sal Uff CMU
Bovegenio Mr. Salvatore Steward. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Bria Mr. Cosimo 2nd Electrician. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Brunelli Mr. Carlo camer 
Brunetto Mr. Francesco 1o Inferm
Bullo Mr. Rolando Caffettiere
Buonaccorsi Mr. Alfredo Piccolo sc
Buono Mr. Giuseppe Fouchista
Busco Mr. Mario camer 
Carlo Bussi  Photo courtesy: Danilo Renzetti
Officer Carlo 52 yrs Second Officer, Radio Operator. Tapped out SOS IECH and the message that set in motion the greatest sea rescue operation in peacetime history. Rescued by the Stockholm. Passed away in 1992.
Cacace Mr. Luciano Carbonaio
Calamai Superior Captain Piero 58 yrs Master of the Andrea Doria. Rescued by the Edward Allen. Passed away in 1972.
Callegari Mr. Fernando Cabin Class Waiter cuc
Calligaris Mr. Menotti Camer. Rescued by the Thomas
Cama Officer Emanuele Assistant Second Officer, engine room. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Campo Mr. Giuseppe Not technically part of the crew. He was an Italian Government Inspector for the emigrants.
Campodonico Mr. Giuseppe Maro vedetta
Camporeale Mr. Vincenzo Assistant Waiter. Rescued by the Thomas
Canale Mr. Eduardo Steward. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Canale Mr. Mario Store keeper. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Cantore Mr. Stefano Cam Sal Uff CMU
Cappai Mr. Antonio Operaio mot
Cappai Mr. Nicola Ingr pompag
Carabellese Mr. Nicola Sailor. Rescued by the Thomas
Carotenuto Mr. Gennaro Operaio mot. Rescued by the Thomas
Carpenetti Mr. Ferruccio Orchestr 1a
Carro Mr. Jacopo Cabin Class Capo Partita Rosticc
Caser Mr. Renzo Camer 
Castellano Mr. Salvatore 17yrs Waiter cuc sc. First Class assistant cook. Remarked: It was a very foggy night, the Andrea Doria was blowing its fog horn all the time. I was getting ready for bed when the crash occured. I ran out of my cabin without my pants. My duty in case of an emergency, was to man a lifeboat. We managed to get a couple of lifeboats in the water. I was in the first lifeboat that was puit into the water. I made three trips to the Stockholm. After the third trip my hands were so swollen I couldn't row anymore."
Caviglia Mr. Luigi Waiter Butcher. Rescued by the Thomas
Cecchini Mr. Giuseppe Tourist Class 2a cuoco 3a
Ceresa Mr. Luigi First class steward.
Cervivi Ms. Guarina Presser sc
Cesco Mr. Alberto Cabin Class Capo Partita
Chernigoi Mr. Adriano First class camer ponte. Rescued by the Thomas
Chersevani Mr. Giuseppe Fouchista
Chert Mr. Silvano Piccolo com. CMU. Rescued by the Thomas
Chiappori Engineer Dalciso Chief Engineer, off duty at the time of the collision. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Chicco Mr. Mario Giovanot 1a
Taken on the M/V Conte Biancamano in February 1951. Fabio was a Lift (elevator) operator. Photo: Courtesy of Fabio Chiussi
Mr. Fabio D. 27 yrs An assistant in the First Class Purser's Office. Was going to sleep when he felt a shock. He didn't pay much attention to it until the lights went out. He dressed, went on the Promenade Deck and assisted in getting the passengers off the ship. He was rescued by the Stockholm. Fabio passed away in Canada on December 18th 2001.
Ciaravolo Mr. Raffaele Fouchista
Ciarlatani Officer Umberto 50 yrs Second Officer, Radio Operator. One of the last officers aboard the Andrea Doria with Captain Calamai. Rescued by the Edward Allen.  Passed away in 1997. 
Cimoli Mr. Pietro Assistant Waiter
Cirillo Mr. Vincenzo Assistant Waiter com MCa
Ciulinni Ms. Manola Camer 
Coelli Mr. Egidio Capo Partita G. viv.
Cogliolo Cadet Valerio Cadet Officer, engine room.
Colace Mr. Salvatore Giovanot 2a. Lookout on the bow, notified Franchini of lights to the right.
Colantonio Mr. Ciro Butcher
Colantonio Mr. Gaetano Cam 
Colli Mr. Albino First class steward. Rescued by the Thomas. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital.
Collu Ms. Adriana 2a Inferm ra
Colombo Officer Mario Chief electrician. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Colotto Mr. Almo Cabin Class 2o cuoco uff
Comici Officer Antonio First Purser. Rescued by the Thomas
Consalvo Mr. Bruno Cabin Boy com
Conte Giovanni Officer Cadet. Rescued by the Thomas
Coppa Officer Luigi Assistant Second Officer, engine room.
Coppa  Mr. Raffaele Fouchista 
Coppola Mr. Salvatore Cabin Boy com
Cordera Officer Giovanni 2nd Officer, Engine Room. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Coretti Ms. Antonia Head Nurse in the ship's Woman's Hospital
Corosu Mr. Leonardo Assistant Purser. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Cortotto-Cravetto Mr. Carlo First Class Capo Allogi.
Coschetti Mr. Oscar Sailor. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Cosimo Mr. Luciano ff Capo Cuoco
Benedetto Costa, photo from his immigration card. Courtesy of Feliciano Costa
Mr. Benedetto 51 yrs Sailor. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Costa Mr. Francesco camer 
Costa Mr. Leonardo Sailor. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Costantini Mr. Arnaldo Piccolo Scelto
Costantini Mr. Luigi First class steward
Crovetto Mr. Filippo Cam com.
Cuomo Mr. Giuseppe Tourist Class Waiter cuc
Cuttica Mr. Mario Barista
D'Alessandro Mr. Egidio First class steward. Rowed a lifeboat to the Stockholm and Ile de France. Rescued by the Stockholm.
D'Arrigo Mr. Giacomo 22 yrs Cabin Class Dining Room waiter (busboy). Rescued by the Ile de France. Living in the US.
D'Istria Mr. Raffaelle Assistant Waiter
Crescenzo D'Urzo. Photo: Giuseppe D'Urzo
Mr. Crescenzo 40 yrs Greaser. Rescued by the Ile de France. Passed away in Italy in 1994.
D'Urzo Mr. Luigi Assistant Waiter. Living in Italy as of January 2004.
Dal Pino Mr. Francesco Maro C. G. Rescued by the Thomas
Dalvise Mr. Santo Tourist Class Capo Partita
Danesi Mr. Enrico Sailor. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Dapelo Cadet Felice Cadet Officer, Purser
Dascola Mr. Giuseppe Camer 
De Angelis Mr. Luigi First Class Capo Sala. Rescued by the Thomas
De Biasi Mr. Aldo 2. Elettricista
De Cristo Mr. Luigi Cam com.
De Cristofaro Mr. Rodolfo Piccolo com. Rescued by the Thomas
De Fonte Mr. Vito Greaser
De Franchi Mr. Leo Assistant Waiter sc
De Domenico Mr. Rocco Camer. Rescued by the Thomas
De Giovanni Mr. Marino Cam re s. soc.
De Luca Mr. Francesco Assistant Waiter com MSCM
De Luca Mr. Mario camer 
De Marco Mr. Teodoro Fuoch C. G.
De Martino Mr. Gennaro Mess boy. Rescued by the Edward Allen
De Paoli Ms. Lucia Camra lusso
De Pasquale Mr. Salvatore Waiter
De Pompeis Mr. Gaetano Waiter com
De Robertis Mr. Carlo Cabin boy. Rescued by the Edward Allen
De Sario Mr. Giovanni Camer
De Vincenzi Mr. Sergio Assistant Waiter com
Degola Mr. Giuseppe Printer. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Del Carlo Mr. Giampaolo Piccolo sc
Del Corso Mr. Giacomo Assistant Waiter com CMC
Del Gatto Mr. Luigi Camer lusso
Del Gaudio Mr. Legantino 43 yrs Operaio frig
Dello Strologo Mr. Arnaldo Piccolo Scelto
Derchi Mr. Gianbattista First class camer bagagl.
Desenibus Mr. Giulio Cabin Boy scel. Son of Giovanni Desenibus, lives in Italy.
Desenibus Mr. Giovanni Operaio frig. Passed away in Italy a few years ago.
Devescovi Mr. Aldo 33 yrs com Bartender
Di Bono Mr. Michele Sailor. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Di Camillo Mr. Ferdinando Chief cabin steward. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Di Donato Mr. Antonio camer 
Di Donna Mr. Ciro Crew cook 3.o 3a
Di Donna Mr. Giuseppe Cam com Rescued by the Thomas
Di Donna Mr. Luigi Maro Vedetta Rescued by the Thomas
Di Donna Mr. Luigi Cam  t
Di Martino Mr. Giovanni Bus Boycom
Di Martino Mr. Luigi Bread baker
Diamant Mr. Erminio Cam bc t
Domenichini Mr. Carlo Helmsman, left the bridge just before the collision.
Donato Officer Antonio Third Officer, took distress message to the radio room. Rescued by the Edward Allen
Donato Mr. Antonino First Class Ice Cream Chef
Donato Mr. Domenico Cam Bagagl
Dossola Mr. Leone Cam 
Drago Mr. Giuseppe Assistant Waiter S Soc


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