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First Class Passengers
Andrews Mr. Marian 67 yrs Boarded in Gibraltar. From Brooklyn, NY. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital for chest injuries.
Mr. Emmanuel Boarded in Naples
Bain Ms. Elizabeth S. Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Barton Miss. Gay (Guy) Boarded in Naples. Hometown friend of Morris Keil's daughter. Rescued by the Thomas
Bequillard Mr. Alfredo
Daughter Maria Clemen
Boarded in Genoa. Alfredo was rescued by the Thomas. Alfredo has passed away and as of 2004, Maria lives in Nicaragua.
Bifulco Mr. Vittorio
Mrs. Dora
Boarded in Cannes.
Bissete_couple.jpg (24194 bytes)
Photo: Gaston
Mr. Joseph
Mrs. Elsie
Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Ile de France. 
Bliss Miss Barbara Boarded in Naples. Mrs. Barbara Boggs daughter from a previous marriage. Barbara was dancing in the ballroom at the time of the collision. Rescued by the Ile de France. As of 2003 lives in the US.
Boggs Dr. Robert B.
Mrs. Barbara
Son Robert Jr. 12 yrs
Boarded in Naples. From Manhasset, NY. Mr. & Mrs. Boggs were playing cards with the Colemans and the Burks.  Robert Jr. was in his cabin. Rescued by the Ile de France. As of 2003 Robert Jr lives in the US. Dr. Robert and his wife Barbara have passed away.
Bollinger Mrs. Eleanor C. 56 yrs
Daughter Dorothy C. 18 yrs
From Sacramento CA. Boarded in Naples. Eleanor was treated at St. Clare's Hospital
Boyer Mr. Marion W.
Mrs. Malcolm
Boarded in Genoa. Standard Oil executive from Greenwich, CT. They lingered to have a second cup of coffee and were not in their cabin Foyer Deck 178 when the Stockholm's bow wrecked their two-cabin suite on the Foyer deck.
Burks Jr. Mr. Harry G.
Mrs. Katherine
Boarded in Genoa. Mr. Burks was a Standard Oil executive from Elizabeth, NJ.
France_Cafiero_at_Captains_dinner.jpg (54649 bytes)
Miss Frances Boarded in Cannes. It was the last night out, and Miss France Cafiero, a young dress buyer from Nice, wanted the picture taken of her shipboard group at the Captain's Dinner the night before. She headed for the shop on the Promenade Deck and retrieved the picture just before the collision. She is in the print dress.
Carlin Colonel Walter G.
Mrs. Jeanette
Boarded in Cannes. Walter was in the bathroom of Upper Deck cabin 46 and was smashed to the wall and the floor by the collision. When he exited the bathroom his wife was gone. Beyond the wreckage in the room, he saw a gaping hole in the wall, the night air, the fog and the sea. His wife had vanished.
Castillon Miss Aurora Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Thomas
Chevalier Mr. Adrian Boarded in Naples
Camille_Cianfarra.jpg (18632 bytes)
Mr. Camille 49 yrs
Mrs. Jane 40 yrs
Daughter-Joan 8yrs
Boarded in Gibraltar. In Upper Deck cabin 54, Mrs. Cianfarra regained consciousness in the wreckage of cabin 56. She heard her husband, Camille, groan in pain and then die. She was freed by Dr. Peterson while attempting to free his wife. Her daughters Joan and Linda Morgan were in cabin 52. Joan was crushed to death and Linda was scooped up by the Stockholm prow. Jane was rescued by the Ile de France. Jane passed away on July 25th in 1967.
Clifton Mr. William Frank An alderman from Toronto. One of the first to leave by lifeboat.
Coleman Dr. Stewart
Mrs. Jane
Daughter Nancy
Daughter Margaret
Boarded in Genoa. Standard Oil executive from Long Island, playing cards during impact
Collani Mr. Joseph 60 yrs Boarded in Naples
Cornell Ms. Ethel A. Boarded in Gibraltar
Costantini Mr. Aurelio
Ms. P. Giuseppa
Boarded in Naples. From Manhasset
Crespi Mr. Franco
Mrs. Guiliana
Boarded in Genoa. Guiliana was rescued by the Thomas
Davidson Mrs. Walter Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
De Perrot Mrs. Yvonne H. Boarded in Genoa.
Della Manna Mr. Angelo
Mrs. Ernesta
Boarded in Naples.
Di Mare Mr. Thomas
Ms. Emilia
Boarded in Naples.
Di Mare Mr. Paul
Ms. Joyce
Ms. Lillian (Libera)
Boarded in Naples.
Dilworth_1.jpg (19573 bytes)
Mr. Richardson 57 yrs
Mrs. Ann
Boarded in Cannes. In Upper Deck cabin 80, the Mayor of Philadelphia awoke on the floor. His wife thought they hit an iceberg. They dressed and left the cabin. Rescued by the Ile de France. Richardson passed away in 1974.
Doliciamore Rev. John 30 yrs Boarded in Naples. A young priest from Chicago, he shared Upper Deck Cabin 58 with Father Wojcik. A game of Scrabble saved his life
Drake Mrs. Betsy Grant 32 yrs Boarded in Gibraltar. Wife of actor Cary Grant,  she left her cabin on Boat Deck to find the port lifeboats useless. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Dunne Ms. Margaret Boarded in Naples.
Dwight Ms. Margaret Boarded in Cannes.
Edmonds Mr. Dean Boarded in Genoa
Edwards Ms. Annie (Amy) J. Boarded in Cannes.
Ellis Mrs. Mary From Britain. Boarded in Naples. Mary was rescued by  the Ile de France.
Els Ms. Grace Boarded in Cannes. Nurse-companion for Richard Hall, Ruth Roman's son.
Evans Lt. Col. Robert F. Boarded in Genoa.
Mr. Felix studies the News photo of the sinking of the Andrea Doria. One of the Sisters of St. Clare's Hospital is holding the picture. Photo: Ed Clarity
Mr. Harold Boarded in Cannes. Dress designer from Los Angeles was in the bar during the collision. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital.  Rescued by the Thomas
Fornaro Mrs. Josephine Boarded in Naples. Returning to Roxbury, MA, from her first visit to Italy in forty two years. Rescued by the Thomas
Gifford Mr. Clarence H. 44 yrs
Mrs. Priscilla 43 yrs
Son Charles
Son John
Daughter Priscilla 9yrs
Boarded in Naples. As of 2003 all are living in the US.
Goll Miss Josephine E. Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Green Mr. Alfred
Mrs. Beverly
Boarded in Naples. Were having drinks with the Ruth's in the Belvedere Lounge when the Stockholm hit.
Grigg Mr. Ernest C.
Mrs. Margaret
Son Ernest III 16 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas. All three survivors are recently deceased.
Mr. Jose Boarded in Genoa. Was in the bar during the collision.
Gustin Mr. Henry
Mrs. Monique
Boarded in Cannes.
Ruth_Roman_&_Richard.jpg (30659 bytes)
Richard 3 yrs Boarded in Cannes. Son of actress Ruth Roman. Separated from his mother and reunited when the Stockholm arrived in New York after his mother arrived on the Ile de France the day before. As of 2003 he is living in the US.
Hazel Mr. Jaspar Boarded in Naples.
Hicks Mr. Frederico Rodriquez Hicks MD
Mrs. Maria Elena Rojo de Rodriquez
Boarded in Gibraltar. From Mexico City. Maria was rescued by the Pvt. William Thomas. Both are deceased.
Hicks Mrs. Isaura Hicks de Valle
Daughter Berta Valles
Daughter Blanca Valles
Boarded in Gibraltar. From Mexico. Rescued by the Thomas.
Mr. Morris L.
Ms. Velma J.
Boarded in Naples. From Brookfield WI. Velma was rescued by the Thomas.
Jackson Mr. Richard
Mrs. Barbara
Boarded in Naples. From New York City NY. Barbara was rescued by the Thomas.
Mr. Arthur
Mrs. Angelina
Boarded in Naples
Keil Mr. Morris 57 yrs
Mrs. Marguerite 55 yrs
Daughter Andree 18 yrs
Boarded in Naples. New Orleans antique dealer. Morris and Andree were rescued by the Ile de France. Marguerite was rescued by the Thomas. Morris and Margurite are deceased, As of 2003 Andree lives in the US.
Kerr Mr. George Patrick
Mrs. Margaret (Matheson)
Daughter Valkyrie (Kyrie) 13yrs
Boarded in Naples. Originally booked Cabin 52 & 54 on the Upper Deck but switched cabins in Naples. Kyrie moved to a single cabin on Boat Deck and her parents switched to Cabin 67 on the port side of Upper Deck.
Nora and Istvan. Taken during their recent tour. Photo: Oggi
Ms. Nora 25 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Originally assigned Upper Deck cabin 56, she and her husband Istvan Rabovsky switched to Upper Deck cabin 77.  Rescued by the Ile de France. As of 2003 she is living in the US.
La Brucherie Mrs. Ennis
Son John
Boarded in Genoa. Praised the crew as "wonderful and very helpful throughout".
Lambert Father Paul 56 yrs Boarded in Naples. Pastor of St. Philomena's Catholic Church in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.
Lamp Ms. Annie Boarded in Naples.
Lampert Dr. Herbert
Mrs. Darleen
Boarded in Naples. Mrs. Lampert was rescued by the Thomas
Lavoratti Mr. Arturo
Mrs. Marie
Boarded in Genoa. Marie was rescued by the Thomas
Marta and Antonio Latour display the items they were able to save. Pictures of their children, passports and their First Class cabin key. Photo: Rafael Zuazo
Mr. Antonio
Mrs. Marta Elizadle
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. As of 2001 they sre living in the US.
Lee Mr. Al
Mrs. Elenor
Boarded in Gibraltar
Luedike (Luedke) Mrs. Anita (August) Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Levy Dr. Joseph Bruno
Mrs. Susana Rosa
Boarded in Genoa. Cabin 40. They were separated during the rescue and reunited in New York. Joseph was on the Stockholm, Susana on the Thomas. As of 2002 they are living in Chile.
Mackerell Mr. Alexander
Mrs. Bessie
Boarded in Naples. From Merchantville, NJ Bessie was rescued by the Thomas.
Markham Father Daniel H. 56yrs Boarded in Naples. Pastor of St. Mary's Church in Troy NY, was getting ready to go to bed when "I heard a loud crash and the ship suddenly lurched." He went to the cabin occupied by his sister Margaret. "When we all got on deck hundreds of passengers had massed there. I started to lead the others in prayer, using every prayer I could remember. We were on the deck for three hours, hanging on the rail the best we could.  Some of the passengers were not Catholics, but they told me they were praying, if not with me, at least at the same time in their own way." Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Markham Ms. Margaret 57yrs Boarded in Naples. Father Daniel Markham's sister. Music supervisor of the Albany public schools. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Massue Mrs. Alexandrine G.
Daughter Josette
Son  Nicholas
Boarded in Naples. From Canada.  Alexandrine was rescued by the Ile de France. Alexandrine and Nicholas are now deceased and as of 2001 Josette lives in Spain.
Mayer de Berncastle Mr. John Boarded in Cannes. From Toronto
Mc Ado Mr. Francis
Mrs. Mary
Boarded in Genoa.
Merlin Mr. Kenneth F.
Mrs. Josephine
Boarded in Genoa. From Darien CT. Managed to crawl out of Upper Deck cabin 60 (68) and into the corridor after the ceiling collapsed. Kenneth was rescued by the Ile de France, Josephine by the Thomas.
Monterastelli Mr. Rudolph
Mrs. Erminia
Boarded in Genoa. Rudolph was rescued by the Thomas.
Moore Mr. Lester
Ms. Marie
Boarded in Genoa. From New York NY. Lester was rescued by the Thomas.
Mr. Sigmund
Mrs. Sarah (Sadie)
Boarded in Genoa
Linda_Morgan_broken_arm.jpg (28682 bytes)
Linda 14yrs Daughter of Jane Cianfarra from a pervious marriage to Edward P. Morgan, ABC radio network news commentator. Known as the "Miracle Girl". She was catapulted from Cabin 52 on the Andrea Doria to the deck of the Stockholm during the collision.   Her sister Joan Cianfarra died in the collision. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital. As of 2003 she is living in the US.


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