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First Class Passengers Continued
Mr. Morris S.
Mrs. Manya
Boarded in Naples. Morris was holding a drink in the First Class Belvedere Room during the impact.
Oppitz Rev. Joseph W. Boarded in Genoa. A Catholic priest that boarded in Genoa. He was reassigned to Cabin 5 of the Boat  Deck. He was sleeping at  the time of the collision and was rescued by the Ile de France. He still has his cabin key tagged LA 5 in his desk. As of 2004 he is living in the US.
Orr Mr. Robert W.
Mrs. Mildred
Daughter Ronnie
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Mr. Salvatore (Sam) Boarded in Naples
Parker Mr. Edward Leroy
Ms. Virginia (Inez)
Boarded in Cannes. From Miami. Returning from a Paris honeymoon. Lost his Rolls Royce in the collision.
Passante Mr. Max Louis 44 yrs
Mrs. Theresa R.
Boarded in Naples. From Dever Colorado. Occupants of the sitting room of Foyer Deck suite 180
Perellis Mr. Irving
Mrs. Esther
Boarded in Gibraltar. Irving was playing cards. Irving passed away in 1982.
Thure_Peterson.jpg (38703 bytes)
Mr. Thure 57yrs
Mrs. Martha 60 yrs
Boarded in Cannes. In Upper Deck cabin 56, Mr. Peterson saw the white Stockholm prow pass him as he was thrown in the air through a wall into cabin 58. Mrs. Peterson awoke entangled and trapped in the wreckage. At  4:10 am  Mrs. Peterson died as her husband and Rovelli lifted the wreckage with a jack. Thure was rescued by the Ile de France. Thure passed away in 1970.
Piacenza Mrs. Giuseppina
Mrs. Emilia
Boarded in Genoa
Post Mr. Donald J. Boarded in Naples
Quinn Ms. Elizabeth McMillan Boarded in Gibraltar
Nora and Istvan. Taken during their recent tour. Photo: Oggi
Mr. Istvan 26 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Originally assigned Upper Deck cabin 56, he and his wife Nora Kovach, switched to Upper Deck cabin 77. Rescued by the Ile de France. Living in the US.
Reinert Mr. Jerome Stanley 21 yrs Boarded in Naples. Volunteered to carry infants down to the lifeboats. Rescued by the Ile de France. As of 2004 he is living in the US.
Roces Mr. Armando
Mrs. Georgina
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Ruth Roman in borrowed clothes on the Ile de France. Photo by Jack Layer
Ms. Ruth 32 yrs Boarded in Cannes. Actress Ruth Roman took off her high heels and left the dance floor in the Belvedere Lounge and groped her way to cabin 82-84 to get her 3 year old  son Dickie. She told him, "we are going on a picnic." She grabbed life belts, blankets and her son and headed back up again. When they finally reached the top deck, they sat down on the grand staircase. A red balloon was lying nearby. She picked it up, gave it to him and told him to blow it up. Separated during the rescue, Ruth was rescued by the Ile de France and Richard by the Stockholm. Passed away in September 1999.
Ruth Mr. Donald
Mrs. Jean
Boarded in Naples. From LI. Occupied Cabin 48 in the first class section of Upper Deck. They were having drinks in the Belvedere Lounge while the cabin was demolished.
Sagner Mr. Stanley
Mrs. Helen L.
Boarded in Gibraltar. From Baltimore, was playing cards.
Santana Mrs. Isa 34 yrs
Daughter Annabel 6 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. Isa was in the nightclub saying goodbye to friends when the collision occurred. She raced down to her cabin , SU 41, to get her daughter. They were rescued by the Stockholm and watched the Andrea Doria sink. As of 2004 they are living in the US.
Schiff Mr. Stanley
Ms. Anne
From Great Neck, NY Boarded in Naples. Anne was rescued by the Thomas
Schneider Mr. Aldred Boarded in Naples. From Austria.
Schwab Mr. Robert H. Boarded in Cannes.
Schwartz Mrs. Regina Boarded in Naples
Ms. Emilie Boarded in Genoa
Sferra Mr. Enrico Boarded in Naples
Ms. Dorothy Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Stevens Mr. Archie
Mrs. Herminia
Son Sigmund
Boarded in Genoa
Stewart Ms. Janet Boarded in Cannes
Straube Mr. Alfred H. Boarded  in Cannes. Rescued by the Thomas.
Strelitz Mrs. Julia Marie
Daughter Judy
Boarded in Gibraltar. From Marion, OH. 
Stroh Mr. Morris Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Thomas
Ferdinand M. Thieriot, circulation manager of the San Francisco Chronicle, with his wife Frances, and their son, Peter. Photo by UPI
Mr. Ferdinand M. 35 yrs
Mrs. Frances 35yrs
Son Peter 13 yrs
Boarded in Gibraltar. Mr. & Mrs. were killed instantly in Foyer Deck suite 180. Peter was in cabin 186, 50 ft. aft of his parents cabin and never realized they had died. Peter was rescued by the Ile de France and as of 2004, lives in the US. 
Trachtenburg Mr. Philip
Mrs. Arline (Adrianne)
Boarded in Cannes. Mrs. Trachtenburg rescued by the Thomas
Tumin Mr. I. Rupert Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Thomas
Van Sciver Ms. Myrtle M. Boarded in Gibraltar
Wojcik Father Richard J. 33 yrs Boarded in Naples. A young priest from Chicago, he shared Upper Deck Cabin 58 with Father Dolciamore. A game of Scrabble saved his life.
Wright Ms. Bessie M. Boarded in Gibraltar
Wyatt Mrs. Alice Smith Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Young Mr. Robert T. 43 yrs
Mrs. Virginia 43 yrs
Daughter Madge H. 14yrs
Son David T. 11 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Marine Surveyor of the American Bureau of Shipping, realized the Andrea Doria did not reduce speed in the fog. Originally assigned to Upper Deck cabin 56 they asked to be switched to a cabin towards the middle of the ship. Rescued by the Ile de France. Robert T. passed away in 1996. As of 2004 Madge, David and Virginia are living in the US.


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