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This is an unofficial and incomplete crew list. Please let me know if you have additional crew members or information to add to the list.

Stockholm Crew
Abenius Sven Second Officer Junior, asleep during the collision.
Sven 22yrs Pantry boy. Splashed with paint from a forward paint locker. He suffered minor injuries. His roommate, Karl Elis Osterberg, died. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Assargren Gustav Acting Chief Engineer, off duty during the collision.
Bjorkegran Edwin Third Engineer
Bjorkman Ingemar G. 20 yrs Lookout on during the collision.
Boman Sverre First Engineer. In bed during the collision just below the bridge which made him hear the engine telegraph signaling. This made him wonder why there was change in speed out at open sea just prior to the collision. Later he organized the closing of the sprinkler pumps that were started by the collision.The seawater was giving Stockholm a list and he later dumped that out a port hole on the side of the ship.  Living in Sweden.
Carstens-Johannsen Johan-Ernst Bogislaus August Third officer. Living in Sweden
Claesson Karin Nurse, saw the collision through her porthole. administered first aid.
Dawe Curt Chief Purser, instructed to organize stewards and pursers to check passengers and crew after the collision.
Eliasson Ivar Chief Bosun. Supervised the burning of the anchor chains to free the ship. The burning was unsuccessful mostly because they were not able to torch the same spot and the chilling effect of the swell of the ocean.
Enestrom Lars Senior second officer, offduty during the collision.
Falk Mr. Lars 20 yrs. Pantry boy found in a cabin with a crushed skull, broken neck and blood running from his mouth. Airlifted by Airforce helicopter. Treated at Brighton Marine Hospital, Boston.
Fourteen year old Linda Morgan with Bernabe Garcia. Photo: UPI
Bernabe Polanco 36 yrs Owes his life to seasickness. He left his bow cabin moments before the collision. Found the "Miracle Girl", Linda Morgan on the bow of the Stockholm after she was catapulted from her Andrea Doria cabin.
Gustaveson Mr. Vilhelm 48 yrs Crewman trapped in cabin 5-A. Found unconscious with a broken and crumpled leg and his eye hanging from his socket. Airlifted by Airforce helicopter. Treated at Brighton Marine Hospital, Boston.
Hagstrom John Left Stockholm cabin 2-A at 10:45 to get some fresh air. The collision demolished his cabin.
Hallik Alexander Motorman, on duty in the engine room during collision
Hinnerson Per Deck apprentice assigned to work in lifeboat 8.
Johansson Mr. Alf 30yrs Crewman in cabin 4-M. He had a fractured skull and compound fractures of both legs. He told Nurse Claesson "I think it is finished for me."   He died shortly after arriving in Nantucket by Coast Guard helicopter. The 48th fatality of the night.
Johansson Sten 18 year old seaman, in the crow's-nest during the collision.
Johansson Sven Erik Radio operator, sending a message at the moment of impact.
Jonasson Mr. Kenneth Pantry boy.. He was in forward Cabin 1-A and perished into the sea during the collision.
Kallback Herbert Chief Officer. Directed the intense work of the rescue teams.
Larsen Peder Danish seaman, at the helm during the collision.
Magnusson Mr. Ingvar A swedish steward, he was making his first trip on the Stockholm and his comment was, "I am so happy I am alive." He was asleep in a top bunk in a forward cabin on the port side. he was thrown against a bulkhead. His cabin door was blocked but a hole had been busted in the wall and he crawled into an adjoining cabin. Near tears he pointed to another cabin near his, or rather where a cabin had been before the collision ripped it to shreds. "Four men were sleeping there, they all died."
Magnusson Yvonne Nurse that attended Linda Morgan,
Mellgren Bengt Chief Radio Operator, wrote the radio message transmitted by Ake Reinholdsson.
Nessling Ake Doctor that administered first aid.
Nordenson Harry Gunnar Captain, on his way to the bridge during the collision.
Norderlander Bertil Wine steward.
Oscarson Mr. Lennart A waiter. According to Lennart  there was as much confusion at first as on the sinking Andrea Doria. "There was a teriffic crash. Then all the lights went out and I heard cries from the bow. Seconds later water started splashing all over the place. We seemed to bounce off the Italian liner right after the collision, or maybe she reeled away. It was a panicky first quarter of an hour.  Nobody knew what happened. Then as Captain Nordenson started giving commands, everything straightened out."
Osterberg Mr. Karl Elis 55 yrs Crewman died in the ship's hospital of a fractured skull two hours after he was found by Nurse Claesson.
Quant Mr. Carl Steward. Injured with a fractured spine. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital.
Reinholdsson Ake Radio Operator, sent "XXX SEJT We have collided with another ship. Please-ship in collision-indicate" by Morse code on the distress frequency.
Smedberg Mr. Arnie 36 yrs Crewman. Brain concussion and shattered leg. Airlifted by Airforce helicopter. Treated at Brighton Marine Hospital, Boston.
Soko Rurik 19 yrs Assistant Deck Steward.
Steen Mr. Sune Pantry boy. He was in forward Cabin 1-A and perished into the sea during the collision.
Svensson Mr. Evert Kitchen Boy in cabin 1-A, repacking a suitcase of gifts for his mother and girl in Sweden when the collision occurred. He perished into the sea.
Svensson Gusta Harold Second Engineer, on duty in engine room during collision.
Trasbo Valdemar Officer of the Purser's Department. Attempted to recover the lifeless body of Andrea Doria passenger Mrs. Carlin. from the bow.


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