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Tourist Class Passengers Continued
Napoleone Mr. Gianpietro Boarded in Naples
Napoletano Mr. Mauro Boarded in Genoa. Passed away in January 1994.
Napoli Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Napoli was asleep in a cabin with three other women. Mr. Napoli came to the cabin to warn them.
Joseph's eyes show his anxiety as he carries his daughter and his wife is carried on a stretcher. Photo: Tom Baffer

Giuseppe Napoli holds his daughter Angela, his wife Rosa is on the stretcher. Photo: AP
Mr. Giuseppe (Joseph)
Mrs. Rosa 26 yrs
Daughter Angelina 4 yrs
Boarded in Naples. On their way to Rochester, NY Rosa was treated at Roosevelt Hospital for bruises.  Rescued by the Ile de France.
Napolitano Ms. Assunta Accompanied her nieces Lucia, Francesca and Grazia Pacchianno. She was separated from her nieces during the rescue.
Mr. Carlos (Charles)
Son Carlos Jr. (Charles)
Boarded in Gibraltar
Navarro Mr. Eduardo Boarded in Gibraltar
Nesci Mr. Antonio 30 yrs Boarded in Naples.  Passed away 1997.
Photo by Stanziola: Carmen and Maria
Mr. Carmen
Daughter Maria 4yrs
From Bonza, Naples. Carmen and Maria were rescued by the Ile de France.
Mr. Rosario Boarded in Naples.
Nogatino Mr. Virgilio Rescued by the Cape Ann with cuts and bruises of the hands ands and eye.
Notaro Mr. Francesco 47 yrs.
Son Rafaelle 18 yrs.
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Ile de France. Francesco is deceased and Rafaelle lives in California.
Novi Mr. Graziano Boarded in Genoa
Occhiogrosso Mr. Tomasso 33yrs
Mrs. Maria 27 yrs
Boarded in Naples. This was their last stretch of their honeymoon before immigrating to Canada. Both were rescued by the Stockholm. Tomasso is living in Canada. Maria passed away in 1993.
Odehnal Dr. Eva 26 yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Vienna. Fullbright Scholar on her way to Northwestern University.
Red Cross Nurse Lillian Ambrosea bends over to solace Mrs. Onder
Mr. Joseph
Mrs. Marie 66 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. From Pensylvannia. Returning from "one last trip to the old country" Mary was treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Lucia Pacchiano sits on a stretcher by her injured sister, Francesca. Photo: LI Press

The Pacchiano's holding the picture of the Sacred Heart, to Whom they had prayed for survival. Photo: Journal American
Mr. Felice
Mrs. Francesca
Daughter Grazia 11 yrs
Son Antonio 9 yrs
Daughter Lucia 8 yrs
Daughter Guseppina 7ys
Daughter Francesca 5 yrs
With the family separated during the confusion, Grazia, Lucia and Francesca were brought to the Ile de France. Their mother was on the Stockholm. Felice, Antonio and Giuseppina were on the Thomas. Antonio is living in the US.
Pagella Mrs. Giustina 55 yrs Boarded in Naples. From Connecticut, returning home after visiting relatives. Rescued by the Ile de France. Passed away in 1971.
Maria in the arms of Nurse Dolores Devus after reaching Pier 84 from the Cape Ann.Photo: United Press
Felicia & Antoinette eating a snack before going to a hotel. Photo: Albertin
Mr. Leonardo 30 yrs
Mrs. Giovanna Simone 25 yrs
Daughter Maria 4yrs
Daughter Felicia 3 yrs
Antoinette 18 mos
Sold his house in Bari, Italy to emigrate to the United States and lost his money, documents, clothes and jewels. He restarted his life with nothing. Maria was separated from her parents during the rescue and was reunited with them 24 hours later, after her a police detective directed them to a little girl asleep in a city shelter. Rescued by the Ile de France except for Maria, rescued by the Cape Ann.  
Paladino Mr. Rocco
Mr. Francesco Boarded in Naples. A young man coming to New Jersey to join his American bride. Water surged into his cabin after the collision
Palermo Mr. Santo Boarded in Naples
Palmeri Benjamin From Ridgewood
Palmeri Mr. Domenico
Ms. Francesca Maria
Boarded in Naples. Perished in the collision.
Palumbo Ms. Anna Maria Boarded in Naples
Paneccione Ms. Elmorinda Boarded in Naples
Mr. Panecuccio
Mrs. Francesca
Boarded in Genoa
Papalia Mr. Giuseppe Boarded in Naples
Parenti Mr. Frank Boarded in Genoa
Paruccini Mr. Francesco
Mrs. Domenica (Menchina Panichi)
Son Luigi 7 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Residents of Buffalo, NY Rescued by the Stockholm. Luigi lives in the US.
Pate Mr. Saverio Boarded in Naples
Patrizio Mr. Antonio 53yrs
Mrs. Angelina
Boarded in Naples. Antonio was treated at Roosevelt Hospital for critical coronary condition. Angelina was treated at Roosevelt Hospital.
Paul Mr. Sergio Boarded in Naples.
Pepe Mr. Matteo Boarded in Naples.
Percudari Mr. Peter Boarded in Genoa
Perrone Mr. Pietro Boarded in Naples.
Perrotta Mr. Giovanni
Mrs. Carmela
Boarded in Naples
Perotta (Villani)
AP Photo: Maria Perotta tells of her experience during the collision as she arrived in New York.
Mrs. Maria Antonietta 65 yrs Boarded in Naples. From a small town near Rome. Rescued by the Ile de France. Maria was traveling with her son, Salvatore Villani, and his family. They were separated and for three days she did not know the fate of her family. Maria passed away in 1976.
Piasentin Mr. Eugenio
Mrs. Edda
Boarded in Genoa
Picciano Mr. Dante
Mrs. Carmela
Son Roberto
Daughter Maria
Boarded in Naples.
Piccininni Mr. Stefano
Mrs. Giustina
Son-Vincenzo 17 yrs
Son-Saverio 16 yrs
Son-Michael 8 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann. Vincenzo was treated at Bellevue Hospital.
Ms. Filomena 19 yrs Boarded in Naples. Heading for Greece, NY.
Pierpaoli Mr. Luigi Boarded in Naples
Ms. Maria Boarded in Naples
Pillari Mr. Antonino Boarded in Naples
Pomillo Mr. Giuseppe 25 yrs Boarded in Naples. An Italian bridegroom emigrating to join his wife in the United States, stripped off his shirt for a woman he found shivering on a deck in only her pajama bottoms. Rescued by the Cape Ann
Pontecorvi Baratta Mrs. Margherita Boarded in Naples. Perished. See Baratta listing
Emma_Antonio_Ponzi.jpg (55438 bytes)

Emma Ponzi is reunited with her daughter Marcella.

Ms. Marcella 20 yrs
Brother Antonio 14yrs
Boarded in Naples. On their way to join their mother in Newark, NJ, Antonio was trapped in C-Deck cabin 664, in the section where the collision occurred. His cabin mate, Antonio Lombardi, broke down the cabin door and dragged him from his bunk.  Antonio was rescued by the Stockholm, Marcella by the Cape Ann.
Porporino Family on the Stockholm. Photo: Prof. Gopst Ekspong
Mr. Santino 27 yrs
Mrs. Antonietta 33 yrs
Son Giuseppe 2yrs
Daughter Bruna 1 yr
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm. All are living in the U.S.
Porta Mr. Allesandro Boarded in Genoa
Pricco Mr. Andrew
Mrs. Maria
Boarded in Genoa
Puccio Miss Maria Boarded in Naples. On her way to Buffalo. She was asleep in the cabin with three other women. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Pugliano Mr. Raffaele 22 yrs
Sister Mrs. Carmela 24 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann. Both are living in the US.
Puma_family.jpg (26131 bytes)
Mr. Giuseppe
Mrs. Maria
Son Antonio 9 yrs
Daughter Carmelina 7 yrs
Son Roberto 5 yrs
Boarded In Naples. Giuseppe was rescued by the Cape Ann, the rest of the family by the Ile de France.

Photo: Roberto strokes his fathers face.

Quaranta Mr. Stefano Boarded in Naples
Rado Mr. Vincenzo Boarded in Naples. 
Rago Mr. Vito
Mrs. Angela
Boarded in Naples
Dr. Sylvia 28 yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Vienna
Mr. Nicola Boarded in Naples
Regina Mr. Antonio 17yrs From Bari. Boarded in Naples. Found 4 yr old Maria Paladino alone on a lifeboat. Unable to locate her parents he kept Maria with him. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Renda Mr. Pietro Boarded in Naples
Resso Mr. Antonio Boarded in Naples
Ricchezza Mr. Andrea Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Deceased.
Ridolfi Ms. Secondina Boarded in Naples
Mr. Giuseppe
Daughter Maria 4yrs
Boarded in Naples. From Ponza, Italy. Came to visit relatives on E 149th St.
Rizzi Mr. Giuseppe
Mrs. Maria 28yrs
Daughter Sabina 5 yrs
Son Vito 4 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Mr. & Mrs. Rizzi were injured in the collision and were rescued by the Ile de France and treated at Roosevelt Hospital. Their 2 children were placed in a lifeboat and rescued by the Cape Ann.
Rizzo Mr. Stefano
Ms. Rosina
Boarded in Naples. From Marsala Sicily.
Rodriguez Rev. Armando Boarded in Gibraltar. 
Romano Ms. Giovannina Boarded in Naples
Romano Mr. Giacomo 20 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm.  Living in Italy.
Romano Mr. Rinaldo Boarded in Naples
Rosenblatt Mr. Daniel Boarded in Naples
Rosselli Mr. Aldo Boarded in Genoa
Hugo_Rubino.jpg (55820 bytes)
Mr. Ugo
Ms. Carmelina
Boarded in Naples. Carmelina was rescued by the Thomas

Photo: Ugo Rubino is greeted by a relative.
Carmina Ruggiero
Mrs. Angelina 51 yrs
Daughter Carmina 20 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Russo Mr. Michele 44 yrs
Mrs. Maria 37 yrs
Daughter Giovanna 12 yrs
Daughter Vincenza 8 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Coming to the US to start a new life, they were on C-Deck in the direct line of the collision. They perished.
Russo Mr. Amodio
Ms. Agnese
Boarded in Naples
Russo Mr. Francesco Boarded in Naples.
Russo Mr. Bruno Boarded in Naples.
Rutigliano Mr. Michele Boarded in Naples.
Sacco Mrs. Caterina
Son Franco 24 yrs
Boarded in Naples
Caterina was rescued by the Thomas
Frank was rescued by the Ile de France.
Ms. Theresa 48yrs Boarded in Naples. From Hillsville, PA. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital for bruises of the right wrist and left knee.
Salustri Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples
Salvatore Mr. Lorenzo Boarded in Naples
Sanitate Mr. Domenico (Vincenzo) Boarded in Genoa
Santini Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples
Mr. Hermann
Mr. Edeltraut
Ms. Sabine
Boarded in Genoa
Schmidt Mr. Gustav Boarded in Genoa. Fulbright student from Austria. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Schneider Mr. Heinrich J. Boarded in Genoa. Austrian scholar, photographed passengers waiting for lifeboats.
Schoenbaum Ms. Louise (Theresa 71 yrs) Boarded in Genoa. From Cincinnati St, Los Angeles CA. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital for a fractured pelvis.
Schoer Ms. Lee 26 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Secretary from New York.
Scholz Mr. Frederick Joseph Boarded in Genoa
Mr. Peter 47yrs
Mrs. Margareta
Boarded in Genoa. From Rumania
Sciacca Mr. Frank Andrea Boarded in Naples
Ms. Antonia Boarded in Naples. British
Scotto Ms. Rose
Ms. Anna
Boarded in Naples
Sedita Ms. Sarah (Sarina) Boarded in Naples
Sena Ms. Sofia Maria Boarded in Naples

Antonio_Serica.jpg (67542 bytes)

Son Antonio 3 yrs
Oggi Photo: Antonio sleeping on his father's shoulder.

Passport photo of Maria Sergio and four of her children: Domenica, (lower left); Anna Maria, (upper left); Rocco, (lower right); Guiseppe, (upper right).
Mrs. Maria Concetta
Son-Giuseppe 13yrs
Daughter-Anna Maria 10 yrs
Daughter-Domenica 7yrs
Son-Rocco 4yrs
Boarded in Naples. Maria and her children were coming to the US to join her husband, Ross,  in Indiana. Cabin 656 on C-Deck was in the direct line of the collision. They all drowned quickly as water poured into C Deck.
Photo: The Sergios relax aboard the Ile de France.
Mr. Paul
Mrs. Margaret
Boarded in Naples. Unable to search for Paul's sister-in-law, Maria and her children, they left C-Deck for the lifeboats. Rescued by the Ile de France. Paul passed away in 1972, Margaret in 1978.
Ms. Julia Boarded in Naples.
Sibiana Ms. Giovanna Boarded in Naples.
Sibiana Ms. Generosa Boarded in Naples
Sibiana Ms. Gerarda Boarded in Naples
Sigona Mr. Corrado Boarded in Naples. Lives in the US.
Silveri Ms. Adelina 40yrs Boarded in Naples. From Mahano (Macaney) PA. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Silvestri Mr. Peter Boarded in Naples
Omerina Silvestri
Ms. Omerina 21 yrs Boarded in Naples. Heading for Rochester.
Simioli Mr. Luigi Boarded in Naples. Passed away in 1993.
Simon Reverend Benedict Boarded in Genoa. From Washington D.C. Was watching a film on Foyer Deck and was thrown to the floor by the collision. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Sisofo Mr. Antonio
Mrs. Rosa
Boarded in Naples
Slanzi Mr. Franco
Ms. Rina
Boarded in Genoa
Smargiassi Mr. Nicolino Boarded in Naples
Solaroli Mr. Paolo Boarded in Genoa
Soligo Mrs. Anna Missana Boarded in Genoa.
Solis Mr. Carlos Canto Boarded in Gibraltar
Sonsini Mr. Rocco Boarded in Naples
Sottile Mr. Ignazio Boarded in Genoa
Alicia Sovik carries her lifejack off the Ile de France. Photo by Oggi Magazine
Ms. Alicia 20 yrs Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Stockholm. Living in the US.
Sozio Mr. Americo Boarded in Naples
Speranzini Mr. Augostino Boarded in Naples
Sposato Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples
Stein Ms. Gertrude Boarded in Genoa
Subriano Mr. Gaetano 53yrs From Genoa. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Suozzi Mrs. Michelina Gabbamonti 49 yrs Boarded in Naples. En-route to Philadelphia, PA Her C-Deck cabin was in the collision site, she perished.
Swanson Mrs. June L. Boarded in Naples
Szucs Mrs. Irma Boarded in Genoa
Tancredi Ms. Virgilia Boarded in Naples
Tarriconi Ms. Benedetta Boarded in Naples
Tati Mr. Dante Boarded in Genoa
Taverniti Mr. Raffaele Boarded in Naples
Temperini Mrs. Elisa Boarded in Naples. From Rock Spring Wyoming
Tenaglia Mr. Rocco
Mrs. Maria Domenica
Daughter-Gina 2yr
Boarded in Naples. Maria and Gina rescued by the Stockholm. Rocco was rescued by the Ile de France.
Terlizzi Ms. Rita Boarded in Naples
Theis Ms. Marcella Boarded in Naples.
Tocco Mr. Piero Boarded in Gibraltar. Rescued by the Thomas
Torre Mrs. Angela 60 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Traveling with her daughter, Ellen Dean. Rescued by the Ile de France. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital for possible fracture of the right leg. Passed away in 1980.
Torres Mr. Ettore (Hector) Boarded in Genoa
Tortora Mr. Sebastiano 59 yrs
Ms. Agatina 52 (56) yrs
Boarded in Naples. From Lawerence, MA. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital. No Diagnosis.
Tosi Ms. Patricia Boarded in Cannes. Living in the US.
Trombetta Mr. Gaetano Boarded in Naples
Turco Mr. Bernardo Boarded in Naples
Mr. Antonio Boarded in Naples
Mr. Nicolino(a) Boarded in Naples
Valentino Mr. Michele Boarded in Genoa
Vali Mr. Giovanni 27 yrs Boarded in Naples. Jumped into the ocean to save Melania Ansuini when she lost her grip on a rope and fell into the water unconscious. He saved her life and they were married eight months later.
Valle Mr. Romano Joseph
Mr. Rosario
Boarded in Genoa
Varone Mr. Salvatore Boarded in Naples.
Vastano Mr. Andrea 49 yrs
Mrs. Concetta 43yrs
Son Pasquale 18 yrs
Daughter Pina 8yrs
Boarded in Naples. Andrea, Concetta & Pina were rescued by the Ile de France. Pasquale was rescued by the Stockholm. Andrea passed away in 1979. Concetta and Pina live in the US. Pasquale lives in Italy.
Marcial Pardo Velazco. Photo Courtesy: Alejandro Macias-Pardo
Mr. Marcial Pardo Boarded in Gibraltar. From Mexico. Passed away in 2001.
Vermiglia Mr. Pietro Boarded in Naples
Vicini Mrs. Maria 35 yrs
Daughter Marina 3 yrs
Boarded in Genoa, from San Marino. Living in the US. Maria was 6 months pregnant. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Vicinoti Ms. Maria Boarded in Naples
Vicinoti Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples
Villani Mr. Salvatore 33 yrs
Mrs. Elisabetta 34 yrs
Son Antonio 6 yrs
Son Luigi 5 yrs
Son Domenico 5 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm. The family was traveling with Salvatore's mother Maria Perotta. Maria became separated from the rest of them. They found her three days later in a New York Hotel.
Vinci Mr. Agostino Boarded in Naples
Virgili Mr. Martino Boarded in Genoa
Vitale Mr. Onofrio Boarded in Naples
Viviano Mr. John Boarded in Naples
Dr. Lucio 27 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Sicilian doctor
Vozella Mr. Giuseppe A.
Mrs. Carmela 61 yrs
Boarded in Naples. From Portsmouth, NH. Carmela treated at St. Clare's Hospital for a spine injury.
Urso-La Spina Ms. Mattia Boarded in Naples
Waite Mr. Raymond Anthony 24 yrs Boarded in Naples. A seminarian from Philadelphia that tried to assist in freeing Mrs. Peterson from her cabin. Like scores of other passengers took off his shoes to get a better grip on the sloping deck.
Wells_family.jpg (52367 bytes)

Alba_Wells_&_daughters.jpg (50280 bytes)
Mrs. Alba 29 yrs
Son-Henry 9 yrs
Daughter-Shirley 8 yrs
Daughter-Rose Marie 3yrs
Boarded in Genoa. From Birmingham AL. Mrs. Wells shared an A-Deck cabin with her three children. Although her cabin door was open she couldn't leave, for her youngest child, three and a half year old Rose Marie, was trapped by an arm caught between her bunk and a bulkhead. Alba, Shirley and Rose Marie were rescued by the Ile de France. Henry was rescued by the Stockholm. Alba and Rose Marie were treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.

AP Photo: Charles Wells visits his wife and daughters at St. Vincent's Hospital.

Oggi Photo: Three year old Rosemary Wells caresses her mother's head while her sister Shirley, 8 years old and Officer Kenneth Anderson, watches.

Willimann Mr. Joseph Boarded in Genoa. From Zurich, Switzerland. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Zanier Mr. Walter Boarded in Genoa


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