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Diver_Lifeboat.jpg (82390 bytes) Peter Gimbel-Life Magazine: The Andrea Doria was only 28 hours sunk when two divers, Peter Gimbel and Joseph Fox, made a daring descent into her grave. There, at 160 feet, Gimbel took this extraordinary photograph of Fox clinging to the stern of a lifeboat tethered by lines but floating upended on the buoyancy of air chambers, bearing the name of home port to which the Andrea Doria would never return.

Diver_ok_check.jpg (43264 bytes) Diver_and_porthole.jpg (29497 bytes) Diver_near_propellers.jpg (40258 bytes) divers_on_promenade.jpg (25807 bytes) Railing_by_pool.jpg (23059 bytes) Binnacle_.jpg (26027 bytes) Divers_and_suitcase.jpg (26546 bytes)
Life Magazine Expedition to the Andrea Doria a month after the sinking. Click here for the full story.
From left to right:
bullet180 Feet down, Bob Dill checks the other divers with an "all-well" signal before the group splits up to carry out the plans for the dive.
bulletPeering in a porthole, whose glass and brass are still clean and bright, the diver uses his floodlights to look at floating draperies and clothes inside.
bulletWarning sign, printed neatly in two languages, cautions vessels to stand clear of liner's giant screws. It is located high on hull near stern.
bulletIn Promenade Deck divers gather before a long glass port in swinging door. Entering the enclosed deck they found curtains, lamps, and bulbs intact.
bulletGhostly railing, seemingly suspended in green twilight, guards the stairs near the first class swimming pool. This picture was taken in the deepest dive, at 220 feet.
bulletGleaming binnacle projects from tilted deck of flying bridge. It houses a remote course indicator for use of officers on watch outside the wheelhouse.
bulletTwo divers come up with a passenger's suitcase.


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