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Cabin Class Passengers
Abatti Mrs. Rosa Angela Freddi Boarded in Genoa. From El Centro, CA.  Reported missing.
Rose and Olivia Adragna
Mrs. Rose
Daughter Olivia 2 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. From Pittsburgh. Rushed down five decks to get her daughter. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Aidinoff Mr. M. Bernard
Mrs. Celia
Boarded in Naples: Bernard was a NY attorney who was on his wedding trip.
Aljinovic Ms. Frances 49 yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Cleveland OH. From her cabin on A Deck saw the Stockholm about to hit and woke up her cabin mate Mary Marsich.
Angelico Mr. Armando
Mrs. Mary
Daughter Loraine
Boarded in Genoa
Annino Mr. Charles G. 39yrs
Mrs. Lilliana
Son George
Daughter Sandra
From Chicago, IL. Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Sister Callistus Arnsby Photo:Star-Frank Teskey
Sister Callistus Boarded in Genoa. From London, Ontario. A nun from St. Joseph's Order. She calmed other passengers and led them in prayer when panic seemed imminent. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Babic Mr. Milan Boarded in Naples
Sisters Baker and Arnsby.jpg Photo: Fred Morgan
Sister Marie Raymond Boarded in Genoa. From Grand Rapids Michigan. A Dominican nun, managed to put on her complete habit before leaving her A Deck cabin for the muster stations. Sister Marie Raymond is on the right side of the picture.
Banducci Mr. Casimiro Boarded in Genoa
Barba Mr. Lucio Boarded in Naples
Bartolo Mr. Bernardo Boarded in Naples
Belardo Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples. Returning to the US after visiting relatives. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Belluomini Mr. Angelo
Mrs. Adele
Boarded in Genoa
Belt Mr. William 44 yrs
Mrs. Christine Felicia 43 yrs
Daughter Judith Ann 15 yrs
Daughter Linda Mae 9yrs
Boarded in Naples. Mrs. Belt stated, "When the first lifeboats left, it seemed there were eight or ten members of the crew first into each boat. I saw no act of heroism by any member of the crew, but some of the men passengers were very helpful." Christine was rescued by the Cape Ann. William, Judith and Linda by the Ile de France.
Today: William passed away in 1990 and Christine in 2000. Judith and Linda live in the US.
Mr. Pietro (Peter) Boarded in Genoa
Buehler Mr. Hans Herman A Fullbright student from Strasbourg, fought through a sea of jumbled luggage that had been piled in the A Deck foyer for unloading in New York the following morning.
Cadorin Mrs. Delfina
Miss. Dina
Boarded in Genoa
Caia Dr. Pasquale
Mrs. Ada Louise 35yrs
Boarded in Genoa. From Springfield, MA.  Mrs. Caia was treated at Roosevelt Hospital
Camboni Mr. Antonio
Mrs. Rose
Boarded in Genoa. From Hendale IL. Rose was rescued by the Thomas.
Canto Mr. Carlos From Mexico City, thought maybe the ship had hit a Russian layed mine.
Cattani Mrs. Delfina Boarded in Naples
Chidiac Mr. George Boarded in Naples
Ciotti Mr. Luigi 22 yrs. Boarded in Naples. On his way to Rochester. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Conti Mrs. Lucia 56 yrs
Ms. Anna Maria 19 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Climbed down a rope ladder to a lifeboat. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Lucia passed away in 1994. Anna Maria lives in the US.
Corda Mr. Alfred 58 yrs
Mrs. Evelyn 54 yrs
Boarded in Genoa: Alfred, a California dairy farmer on vacation, saw his loose change sail off the cabin bureau and shower over the floor during the collision. Rescued by the Ile de France. Both have passed away.
Corda Mr. Giuseppe 53 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Cousin of Alfred Corda. Rescued by the Stockholm. Passed away.
A picture of Giovanna taken in Rome on July 10, 1956 . Photo: Chiappone Family
Miss Giovanna 36yrs Boarded in Naples. Was coming to live with her sister, Julia, who was living in Buffalo, NY. Giovanna was playing cards when the collision occurred. Giovanna recollects "While waiting to be rescued, we prayed the Rosary. (Mrs. Antonina Errante, myself and others.) I lowered myself into a lifeboat with the rope provided. Rescued by the Thomas. Passed away in January 2004.
Coscia Mrs. Mary Boarded in Naples. Has passed away.
Crudele Mr. Carlo Boarded in Naples
Mr. John 70 yrs
Mrs. Annie (Auriere)
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital
D'Urzo Mr. Erasmo Boarded in Naples
Damiano Ms. Immacolata Boarded in Naples
Dassetto Dr. Dante Boarded in Genoa
De Francesco Mr. Gennaro
Mr. Guy (Gaetano)
Boarded in Naples
De Sane Mrs. Angelina 53yrs From Woodside, NY. Boarded in Naples. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
De Santis Mr. Giulio Boarded in Naples
Delbourg Mrs. Eugenie Boarded in Cannes
Di Francesco Mr. Giuseppe Boarded in Naples: Was just going to bed in Cabin 128. As he removed his clothes, he glanced out the porthole-and looked again. To him it looked like lights of another ship heading straight for the Andrea Doria.
Di Fusco Mr. Pasquale Boarded in Naples
Di Meo Mr. Rigoletto
Mrs. Anna
Boarded in Naples. From Pescara, Italy. Rescued by the Ile de France. Rigoletto suffered a heart attack shortly after his arrival in New York. They flew back to Italy.
Di Prospero Mr. Felice Boarded in Naples
Dier Ms. Joan M. 25 yrs From Buffalo. Boarded in Cannes. Joan was dancing in the ballroom when the collision occurred. She was rescued by the Ile de France
Donza Miss. Nora Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann


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