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Cabin Class Passengers Continued
Ellis Mr. Sidney G. 60 yrs From Sacramento, CA. Boarded in Naples.
Errante Mrs. Antonina Boarded in Naples-Was Giovanna Corosu's roomate. They prayed the Rosary while waiting to be rescued.
Ferrano Mrs. Maria Assunta Boarded in Naples
Ferrarelli Dr. Luigi Boarded in Naples
Fisher Mr. Arthur Boarded in Cannes. From NY. Said he could see crewman making their way from cabin class to first class accommodations where he said the passengers got more help than in cabin or tourist class. "Only once in the whole two hours did I hear the public address system, when a voice in Italian urged calmness," he said. "No alarm ever sounded." Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Frank Mr. Clarence C. Boarded in Genoa
Frank Mrs. Dorothy B.
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas
Franetovitch Mr. Nick
Mrs. Vinca
Boarded in Genoa: From Long Beach, CA. Vinca was rescued wearing only her dressing gown.
Frassino-Prato Mrs. Pietrina Boarded in Genoa
Fratto Mr. Giovanni Boarded in Naples. Jumped off the ship into the water until he was picked up by another ship. Passed away in 1987.
Frederico Miss. Jennie 56yrs Boarded in Naples. Passed away in 1978 in NY. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Freeman Mrs. Henrietta Boarded in Gibraltar. Rescued by the Thomas
Frlekin Mr. Sam
Mrs. Dana
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Galasso Miss. Josephine Boarded in Naples. 
Galipo Miss. Maria Boarded in Naples
Gasperi Mr. Luigi
Mrs. Severina
Boarded in Genoa. Both rescued by the W.H. Thomas.  They were traveling with Severina's daughter Bessie Matteri. Both are deceased.
Mr. Neil H.
Mrs. Helen
From Erie, PA. Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Mrs. Viola 75 yrs. Boarded in Gibraltar. From San Francisco. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Frieda_Gladstone.jpg (53699 bytes)
Mr. Eugene W.
Mrs. Frieda 41yrs
Boarded in Gibraltar. From Toronto, Canada.  In the photo, Eugene looks on as his wife is helped by two nurses. Frieda fell during the rescue and broke her arm and she was treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Glaudia Mrs. Amelia Boarded in Genoa
Goedert Rev. Raymond Boarded in Naples. Saw a womans body fall off the bow of the Stockholm when it started its engines. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Goldfarb Mr. Samuel
Mrs. Sylvia
Boarded in Naples
Mrs. Julia 47 yrs Boarded in Naples. From Uniontown, PA Treated at St. Clare's Hospital for a fractured spine.
Gressier Mrs. Christine Boarded in Cannes. From Menton, France.  Shared a cabin with Margerite Lilley. Was in the Cabin Class bar during the collision. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Griffin Mr. John W. Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Thomas
Griffith Mr. Joseph Chastain 17yrs Boarded in Naples. What became of the Andrea Doria's ship's log is still a moot point, but Joseph, returning alone to Norman, OK for his high school senior year, scribbled a log on a postcard. It read, allowing for his miscalculation on the times, "10:40 p.m. collision. 11:40 p.m. abandon ship, listing 35 degrees. 1:40 a.m. taken aboard Stockholm.
Grillo Mrs. Angela  30 yrs
Son-Anthony 3yrs
Boarded in Naples. Fought desperately for twenty minutes with her luggage, which had slid against the door of her cabin SU 147, before she could escape with her son Anthony. Rescued by the Ile de France. Both are living in the US.
Grossi Mr. Mariano Boarded in Naples. Treated at Bellevue Hospital
Hall Mrs. Frances E.
Daughter Margaret  36yrs
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Harvey Dr. Harold
Mrs. Constance
Boarded in Genoa
Haywood Miss. Dorothy Boarded in Naples
Hendler Mr. Sylvan Boarded in Genoa. Shared cabin 114 with George Krendell. Was in the Cabin Class bar during the collision. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Photo:Fred Morgan

Together on the Ile de France. Photo: Gaston

Red Cross nurse carries Thomas Hill off the Ile de France. Photo by Albertin
Mr. Ellis D.
Mrs. Clara
Son Eric 8 yrs
Daughter Nancy 6 Yrs
Son Jeffery 4 yrs
Son Timothy 2 mo
Son Thomas 2 mo
Boarded in Naples.
Ellis, an Aramco official returning from Saudi Arabia on leave, was sleeping with in a cabin with his two month old twins Timothy and Thomas. He woke and heard the babies' bottle sliding. He ran down the corridor to the cabin his wife was occupying with their other three children. He went back and picked up the twins and the baby bag and rejoined the rest of the family. 
Rescued by the Ile de France


Hollinger Dr. Harvey 29 yrs
Mrs. Lois 22 yrs
From Montreal. Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Returning from their honeymoon in cabin SU143. Harvey passed away in 1986. Lois lives in Canada.
Hollyer Mr. David
Mrs. Louise
Boarded in Genoa. Cabin 374. Rescued by the Stockholm. Follow the link for a detailed recollection of the collision and rescue. As of 2004 living in the US.
Holt Mr. Robert Sterling
Mrs. Delagneau Bianca Maria
Son David George 9yrs
Son Richard Stephen 7 yrs
Boarded in Naples: From Oxnard, California. When Mrs. Holt slipped and fell on the oily slanted deck her son cried, "Mommy please don't die." Rescued by the Thomas
Ippolito Mr. Charles (Calogero) From Chicago. Boarded in Naples. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital
Jacobs Mr. Milton
Mrs. Ann Jeanette
Boarded in Naples. From New York City NY. Returning from a European vacation. They were separated and Mrs. Jacobs was brought to shore on the Thomas. They reunited in New York.
Joyce Mr. Martin
Mrs. Mary Louise
Boarded in Naples
Father_Kelly.jpg (12662 bytes)
Rev. Thomas M. Boarded in Naples. Passport photo of Father Tom Kelly. The young cleric from Chicago, performed his first priestly functions aboard the Andrea Doria, rallying the spirits of the passengers. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Korelich Mr. Peter 67 yrs
Mrs. Maria 56 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. Today: Peter and Maria have passed away.
Krendell Mr. George J. Boarded in Cannes. Shared cabin 114 with Sylvan Hendler. Was in the Cabin Class bar and saw the Stockholm's lights through a port hole after the collision. Rescued by the Stockholm.
La Capria
Michele LaCapria. Photo: A. Quintieri
Mr. Michele
Mrs. Santa
Boarded in Naples
La Porte Mr. Joseph M.
Mrs. Sidonia
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
La Quaglia Mr. Charles
Mrs. Amabile (Mabel)
From Elizabeth NJ. Boarded in Naples. Injured with fractured ribs. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital.
Lalli Mr. Romolo
Mrs. Rosina 52yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rosina was injured in the collision. Rescued by the Stockholm. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital
Lapides Mr. Irving
Mrs. Dorothy (Rhonda)
Boarded in Cannes.
Lattaro Tocci Mrs. Amelia Boarded in Naples
Lederle Mrs. Madeline
Son Neal
Boarded in Naples
Lilley Mrs. Marguerite Boarded in Cannes.  From London, England. Shared a cabin with Christine Grassiere. Was in the Cabin Class bar during the collision. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Lippi Mr. Onorato Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Mrs. Giuseppina 57 yrs From Newark NJ. Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital.
Lucas Mrs. Thelma Boarded in Naples
Mrs. Ruth Boarded in Gibraltar. From Canon City, Colorado. Was sharing a cabin with Ruby & Ann MacKenzie. 
Lynch Miss. Olive Boarded in Gibraltar
Macera Mr. Silvestro Boarded in Naples
Ann thankfully kisses life preserver after finding out her mother is alive. Photo: UP
Mrs. Ruby B. 46 yrs
Daughter Ann 14yrs
Boarded in Gibraltar. From Canon City, Colorado. Ruby had just finished reading "A Night to Remember", Walter Lord's classic tale of the sinking of the Titanic. They were sharing a cabin with Ruth Luder. Ruby and Ann were separated during the rescue. Ruby was rescued by the Ile de France. Ann was rescued by the Stockholm.
Magana Dr. Alvaro
Mrs. Concha
Miss Maria Elena
Master Alvaro Jr.
Master Mario(a)
Boarded in Gibraltar
Mainiero Mr. Leonard
Son Leonard Jr.
Daughter Josephine
Boarded in Naples. Josephine was rescued by the Ile de France.
Mangarelli Mr. Aniello Boarded in Naples
Mangels Mr. Conrad Sr. 75 yrs
Mrs. Vera B.
From Jacksonville, Fla. Boarded in Genoa. Lost a $3,000 station wagon they had purchased.
Manello Mr. Mario
Mrs. Adele
Boarded in Naples
Marek (Marik)
Preparing to leave the Thomas. Photo: Fernandez
Mr. Pietro
Mrs. Irma
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Marino Mr. Dario Boarded in Naples
Marsich Miss Mary 46 yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Cleveland,OH.   Was asleep an Frances Aljinovic woke her up with "Mary, it's going to hit".
Marturano Mr. Ignazio Boarded in Naples
Masucci Dr. Italo Boarded in Naples. Passed away in Oct 1999.
Matteri Ms. Bessie 6yrs Daughter of Mrs. Severina Gasperi. Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the W.H. Thomas. Living in the US.
Mazzu Mrs. Francesca Boarded in Naples
McLean Miss Julianne 26 yrs Boarded in Cannes. Rescued by the Ile de France. Living in the US.
McLean Mrs. Grace 28 yrs From Norfolk, VA. Boarded in Naples. Saw the Stockholm approach over the shoulder of her dancing partner. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Mc Whinny Mr. John
Mrs. Lois
Boarded in Genoa
Medcalfe Mr. Gordon N.
Mrs. Katherine
Boarded in Cannes
Divers recovered her suitcase and delivered it to her. Photo: Life
Mrs. Justine Boarded in Naples. From Valley Stream NY. Was traveling with her son Frank Schoenborn. Rescued by the Stockholm.

Mr. Lorenzo
Mrs. Grace
Miss Adeline
Boarded in Naples
Miller Mr. Richard R. Boarded in Naples. From Lakeville CT. Rescued by the Thomas.
Milligan Miss. Carolyn M. Boarded in Genoa
Mr. Francesco Boarded in Naples
Morea Mr. Vincenzo Boarded in Naples
Morelli Prof. Angelo N. Boarded in Naples
Morgan Mr. Chester
Mrs. Lida Belle
Boarded in Naples
Moulton Mr. William S.
Mrs. Bernice
Boarded in Genoa. From Long Island.  Rescued by the Stockholm.
Myerscough Sister Angelita Boarded in Naples. From Ruma IL. Had a difficult time waking up due to taking Dramamine for sea sickness. Her room mate Giovanna woke her up.


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