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Tourist Class Passengers
Agnoletti Ms. Teresa 70yrs Boarded in Naples. From Walden, MA. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Agrusa Mr. Francesco
Mrs. Girolama
Boarded in Naples.
Albanese Mr. Dino Boarded in Naples
Alben Mr. Guido Boarded in Genoa
Calgero is home with his wife and daughter. (Photo: James Nevins-Herald Statesman)
Mr. Calgero (Charles) 42 yrs. Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Calgero passed away in 1966.
Alfieri Antonietta Boarded in Naples
Altobelli Ms. Giovanna Boarded in Naples
Ambrose Mr. Cosimo Damiano 72 yrs Boarded in Naples. Claimed $1,000.00 baggage loss. From Oakland CA. Passed away in March 1965.
Anchini Ms. Ida Boarded in Naples
Mr. Gelsomino (James)
Mrs. Angelina 43 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. On her way to Highland, NY. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital
Angelone Mr. Alfredo
Mrs. Ida 
Daughter Vincenza
Son Domenico
Daughter Silvana
Son Antonio
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Thomas. 
Alfredo and Ida have passed away, Vincenza, Domenico, Silvana, and Antonio live in the U.S.
Anponaco Mrs. Margurite 52 yrs From Stratford, PA. Returning from her daughter's wedding in Rome.
Ansuini Mr. Domenico
Mrs. Giulia
Daughter Melania 19 yrs
Son Pasquale 10 yrs
Son Fillipo 12 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Melania lost her grip on a stern rope and fell into the ocean and was knocked unconscious in the fall. John Vali jumped in the ocean to save her life. They were married eight months later.
Antonacci Ms. Margherita Boarded in Naples. Now deceased.
Anveo Mari 35yrs From Genoa. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Armstrong Mrs. Jean
Daughter Janette
From Wynnewood OK. Reported missing.
Arnone Ms. Michela Boarded in Naples
Ashjian Mr. Hagop Nousa
Mrs. Stella
Son Ara 2yrs
Daughter Anahid
Boarded in Genoa. Armenians from Lebanon on their way to California. Ara was seperated from his parents when he was lowered into a lifeboat. His parents were rescued by the Ile de France, Ara was on the Stockholm. Hagop passed away in 1999.
Aveni Mr. Tranzana Carmelo Boarded in Genoa. Saved up $50.00 to have when he arrived in America. His brother, Vincent, had promised to set him up in business as a shoemaker. Mel when he landed fingered 55 cents in change. "This is all there is left," he said. "The rest I lost after the shipwreck."'
Bacchelli Ms. Olga Bei Boarded in Genoa
Alfred Baldoni is greeted by his wife while his brother John looks on. Photo courtesy of the Balboni family.
Mr. Alfred 41 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Stockholm. From Forestville, CT. Passed away February 1997.
Balzarini Ms. Laura Boarded in Genoa
Banchio Mr. Michele Boarded in Genoa
Baratta Mrs. Margherita Pontecorvi 76yrs
Daughter Agnes 43 yrs
Boarded in Naples. En route to Redwood City CA. Perished.
Barca Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples.
Bartoli Rev. Giuseppe (Joseph) Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Stockholm
Bellomo Mr. Frank 44 yrs
Mrs. Mattia Manzari 43 yrs
Daugther Maria Collette 19 yrs
Son Louis 17 yrs
Son Joseph 7 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Heading for Rochester. Mattia and Maria fractured their legs when they dropped more than 20 feet into a life boat. Frank and Joseph were separated from the rest and then the family reunited on the Ile de France. Covered in diesel oil they had lost everything. Mattia, Maria & Joseph were treated at St. Vincent's Hospital. Mattia suffered a fractured left leg and Maria, lacerations of the left leg.
Mattia passed away in 1998. The rest of the family lives in the US.
Bendrihem Mr. Joseph
Mrs. Alegria
Son Isidor
From Tangiers. Boarded in Gibraltar. Joseph passed away in January 2001. Alegria and Isidor live in the US.
Benedict Brother Simon 73yrs Franciscan Brother from Brooklyn. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
UPI Photo: Mrs. Benvenuti shows her grandchildren Licia, 3, and David Silvestri, 2, souvenirs of the Andrea Doria at her son's home in Michigan. She had the ballons in her purse when she went over the side.
Mrs. Livia Boarded in Genoa. 
Berardinelli Mr. Camillo 28 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm. Camillo passed away in 1984.
Berrutti Mr. Pietro Rescued by the Thomas. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital
Biffoli Mr. Gastone Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Living in Italy.
Bifulco Mr. Francesco
Son Mario
Boarded in Naples.
(Bisle) (Bision)
Ms. Beatrice Anna 38yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Memphis, Tennessee.
Boccarossa Mr. Ugo 17 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Living in the US.
Boito Mr. Arrigo Boarded in Genoa
Bollinger Mr. Hugh H.
Bolzano Mr. Gaetano 25 (35)yrs Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Bonaventura Mrs. Saveria 48 yrs
Daughter Liliana V.  9 yrs
Boarded in Naples. "I saw no crew members after the crash. Nobody gave any assistance or orders," she suffered a sprained kneecap when she was forced to jump into a lifeboat. Saveria was rescued by the Ile de France and was treated at Roosevelt Hospital. She passed away in November 1999. Liliana was rescued by the Stockholm and lives in the US.
Ms. Caterina (Catrina) Boarded in Genoa
Bottini Ms. Savina Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Boubli Mr. Albert Boarded in Genoa. From Egypt.
Brandolino Mr. Lucas James 32 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm
Bravo Ms. Gerolama 41yrs Boarded in Naples. From Los Angeles CA. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Bremermann Mrs. Laura Pittau 31 yrs From Fort Worth Texas. Boarded in Naples. Sent her husband Floyd a wireless message the day before the collision asking him to pick her up in New York. When Floyd arrived in New York he found not only that his wife was missing, she was not on the Andrea Doria passenger list. Laura was in A Deck Cabin 228 with three other women. The cabin was in the direct line of the collision and they all perished.
Breschia Ms. Rosa Boarded in Genoa
Brocchetelli Mr. Gino Boarded in Genoa
Brunoli Mr. Alfredo Boarded in Genoa
Bucci Ms. Beatrice Jean 27 yrs Boarded in Naples. From Beverly MA. Was watching the movie Fox Fire in the dining room when the collision occurred. Rescued by the Stockholm. Passed away in 1995.
Buehler Mr. Hanns Hermann 23 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Austrian Fulbright student. Rescued by the Cape Ann. Living in Austria.
Burrows  (Barrows) Miss Ann 19yrs A sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. Boarded in Cannes.
Recent photo of Piera (On the left). Photo: Pierette (Burzio) Simpson
Mr. Pietro
Mrs. Domenica
Grand-daughter Piera 9 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Ile de France. Pietro and Domenica were in their 50's and are deceased. Piera is living in the US.
Caira Mr. Antonio
Mr. Armando
Boarded in Naples
Calamai Mr. Mario 44 yrs Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Caliendo Mr. Alfonso Boarded in Naples.
Caluori Mrs. Elenore Mary Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Thomas
Capasso Ms. Annunziata Boarded in Naples
Capasso Ms. Sanita Boarded in Naples
Cappello Mr. Pasquale
Mr. Tommaso
Boarded in Naples
Capponi Ms. Valda Boarded in Genoa
Caputo Ms. Aniballe Boarded in Naples
Caputo Ms. Celestina Boarded in Naples. Accompannnied Germina D'Onofrio to the US. She is living in the US.
Caputo Mr. Eugenio Boarded in Naples
Caranci Nicandro 45 yrs Rescued by the Ile de France
Carbone Mr. Carmelo Boarded in Naples. From Corona in Queens
Oggi Magazine Photo: Carboni family arrives in New York.

Patrizia Carboni Photo: United Press
Mr. Mario 40 yrs
Mrs. Renata 36 yrs
Son Liviano 8 yrs
Daughter Patrizia 1yr
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Stockholm. Renata passed away about 1989. Mario passed away in Oct. 2001, Liviano and Patrizia live in the US.
Cardazzo Mr. Giuseppe
Ms. Maria
Boarded in Genoa From Ozone Park in Queens
Carlin Mr. Matteo Boarded in Naples
Carola Mr. Luigi
Mrs. Rosa 71 yrs
Daughter-Margaret 38 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Rosa was ill and close to death when brought on board. She spent her voyage in the ships Women's Hospital. She lived for a few months after the collision but her daughter Margaret was killed in Cabin 230 of A-Deck with Christina Covino and Amelia Iazzetta.
Caronna Ms. Maria Donata 59 yrs Boarded in Naples. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital
Casadei Ms. Anna Marina Boarded in Genoa
Cascio Mr. Francesco
Ms. M. Giuseppa
Boarded in Naples
Castagna Mr. John 62 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Castaneda Mr. Carlos Boarded in Gibraltar
Castelli Mr. Raffaele 45yrs Boarded in Naples. Bronx restaurant owner.
Cataldo Mr. Vito
Mrs. Gaetana
Son Salvatore
Boarded in Naples. Vito passed away in 1999. Gaetana lives in the US.
Cavalli Mrs. Antonia Boarded in Genoa. Water swiftly swirled up to her waist after the collision.
Cavolina Mr. Salvatore
Mrs. Sadie
Boarded in Naples
Censale Mr. Angelo Boarded in Naples
Cerolini Mr. Enzo Boarded in Genoa
Chiaradia  Mrs. Eufemia Garzone 24 yrs Boarded in Naples. Sister of Maria Garzone. Rescued by the Stockholm. Living in the US as of January 2004.
Chidiac Mr. George M. Boarded in Genoa. From Lebanon, going to the US to further his studies. 
Chiesa Mr. Luigi Boarded in Genoa
Ciallella Mrs. Domenica Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Ciarlo Mr. Carmelo 44 yrs
Mrs. Lucia Longo 40 yrs 
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France. Carmelo passed away in 1996, Lucia lives in the US.
Cirelli Mr. Martin J. Boarded in Naples.
Cirincione Mr. Giuseppe
Mrs. Rosalia
Boarded in Naples
Ciccone Mr. Corrado Nicolo Boarded in Naples. He just finished talking to his wife via ship-to-shore telephone when he retired to his cabin, a few minutes before the collision.  Having felt the crash and hearing screams, he ran out to the main corridor where he was half submerged in water. On the way to an upper deck he helped a family by carrying a five year old girl in his arms. He was taken in an Andrea Doria lifeboat to the Stockholm.
Cinque Ms. Assunta Boarded in Naples
Cioffari Ms. Anita 51 yrs Boarded in Naples.
Master Martin J. Boarded in Naples
Colagrande Mr. Ezio Boarded in Naples
Colavito Mr. Gaetano
Boarded in Naples
Colella Mr. Elio Boarded in Naples
Mr. John
Ms. Carmel
Boarded in Naples
Colombo Mr. Salvatore Boarded in Naples
Colosi Mr. Nicola
Ms. Giuseppina
Boarded in Naples
Conigliaro Mr. Joseph
Mrs. Pasqua
Son-Joseph L. (Pippo) 18 mo.
Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Contecorvi Ms. Margherita
(Contenti, Contente)
Rev. Antonio 45 yrs Boarded in Naples. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital for a compound fracture of the right ankle.
Cooper Ms. Helen Evans From Westport CT. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Anna Coppola kissing Luigi
Mrs. Anna 33 yrs
Son Francesco 7 yrs
Son Filippo 4 Yrs
Son Luigi 16 mo
Boarded in Naples. Separated during the rescue operations, the mother and the two children arrived on the Ile de France, Luigi was aboard the Pvt. William H. Thomas listed as "baby boy unidentified, Italian" Today: Anna passed away. Luigi lives in Italy and Francesco & Filippo in the US.
Mr. Theodore Boarded in Naples.
Corrado Mr. Salvatore Boarded in Naples
Costantini Mr. Anselmo
Mrs. Maria Theresa.
Boarded in Naples.  From Rocky Hill, NJ Rescued by the Stockholm.
Costanzo Mr. Antonino 29 yrs Boarded in Naples. Was on his way to his cabin when a honeymooning couple talked him into seeing the movie.  Rescued by the Stockholm. Passed away in 1987. 
Covino Mrs. Christina Boarded in Naples. Perished with her sister, Amelia Iazzetta, in A-Deck cabin 230.
Amedeo Cristillo
Mr. Amedeo 24 yrs Boarded in Naples. On his way to Rochester. Rescued by the Thomas
Cucchi Mr. Rafaelle Boarded in Naples
Curcio Mr. Benito 20 yrs Boarded in Genoa. A-Deck Cabin 290. Rescued by the Ile de France.
Cusumano Ms. Caterina Boarded in Naples
D'Addario Ms. Antonietta Boarded in Naples
Mr. Francesco
Mrs. Nedda
Boarded in Naples
D'Aloia Sister Barbara Franciscan Nun rescued by the Stockholm.
D'Amico Mr. Giorgio Croce Boarded in Naples
D'Angelo Mr. Vincenzo 13yrs Boarded in Naples. Traveling alone to join his father in the US. Living in the US.
D'Elia Mr. & Mrs. Francesco
4 sons and 1 daughter
The men were separated from the women during the rescue and arrived in New York on different rescue ships.
D'Elia Mr. Giovanni
Mrs. Anna
Son Vincenzo 21 yrs
Son Antonio 16 yrs
Son Rocco 12 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Leaped from the deck rather than chancing a rope descent. Rescued by the Ile de France
D'Elia Mr. Salvatore
Mrs. Carmela
Boarded in Naples
Recent photo of Germina on the right. Photo: Pierette (Burzio) Simpson
Ms. Germina 19yrs Boarded in Naples. Coming to the US with Celeste Caputo as a traveling companion.
Dahan Ms. Miriam Boarded in Gibraltar
Daro Mr. Giuseppe Boarded in Genoa
Photo: John Dazzo stands by as his wife is greeted by a tearful embrace by their son Charles as they arrived in New York.
Mr. Giovanni (John) 70yrs
Mrs. Carmela 52 yrs
Boarded in Naples. John went to Sicily 11 months ago to visit a nephew and found a wife, he married Carmela Ribera. They were asleep at the time of the crash. "We went running up on deck and tried to jump overboard but we couldn't. We clung to the tilted deck three hours, terrified that the ship would suddenly sink under us. But finally we got down ropes to the life rafts." Rescued by the Ile de France
De Angelis Mr. Marcello Boarded in Naples.
De Capite-Macini
Mr. Mario Boarded in Naples
De Francesco Mr. Joseph
Mrs. Rosa
Boarded in Naples. From Buffalo
De George
Photo: Ciro Minicucci, facing camera, throws his arms around his friend, Tony De George.
Mr. Anthony Boarded in Naples. From Youngstown, OH.  Rescued by the Ile de France. Ciro's brother, Amadio, was also on the Andrea Doria.
De George
Photo by Stanziola: Vince is greeted by his sister and an unidentified woman. Rescued by the Ile de
Mr. Vince From Youngstown, OH. Vince and his dog were rescued and are greeted by his sister and an unidentified woman. Rescued by the Ile de France.
De Giovanni Mr. Masino 37yrs From Genoa. Treated at Roosevelt Hospital.
De Girolamo Mr. Francesco 49 yrs
Mrs. Anna
Daughter-Maria Rosaria 18 yrs
Son-Antonio 17 yrs
Son-Nicola 14 yrs
Son-Mario 8 yrs
Son-Biagio 3 yrs
Boarded in Naples. The family was separated during the rescue operation. The men were rescued by the Stockholm and the women by the Ile de France. Francesco passed away in September 2001, Anna passed away a number of years ago. Antonio, Nicola, Mario and Biagio live in the US.
De Grandi Mr. Giuseppe
Mrs. Lucia
Son Giuseppe
Boarded in Naples. Lucia and her son perished in the collision.
De Luca Mr. Ludovico
Mrs. Teresa
Boarded in Naples
De Michele Mr. Pio
Mrs. Benedetta 48 yrs
Boarded in Naples
De Rubeis Mr. Antonio Boarded in Naples. Living in the US.
De Rubeis Mr. Federico Boarded in Naples
De Vecchis Mr. Gino
Mr. Leonida
Boarded in Naples. Stated that it was not the crew but the ship's service personnel who panicked. It was the waiters, barbers and other attendants who fled after the disaster. The officers and the sailors behaved correctly.
De Vermilio Mr. Peter 10 yrs Peter was traveling alone after a three year visit with his grandmother in Sicily. He was rescued by the Stockholm.
Dean Mrs. Ellen 30 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Traveling with her mother Angela Torres. Mrs. Dean from Baltimore looked over her dancing partner's shoulder and her eyes froze in horror at the sight of the Stockholm lights bearing down on her. "A moment later it struck us," she said. rescued by the Ile de France. Living in the US.
DeBartolomeis Mr. Achille Boarded in Naples. Passed away in September 2000.
Del Bosque Mr. Alfredo Boarded in Gibraltar
Del Gaudio Ms. Teresa Maria Boarded in Genoa. Perished in the collision.
Del Monaco Mr. Pasqaule
Ms. Amelia
Mr. Nicola
Ms. Silvana
Boarded in Naples
Del Toro Mr. Louis Boarded in Naples
Del Vecchio Mr. Francesco Boarded in Naples. Was having a drink in the bar when the collision occured. Ran outside the bar and saw the Stockholm backing up. Rescued by the Stockholm. Francesco and another passenger, found Richard Hall, Ruth Roman's son, and handed him to her when the Stockholm arrived in New York.
Del Vecchio Ms. Maria (Mary) 69 yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Bridgeport CT. Treated at St. Clare's Hospital for mild shock.
Della Valle Mr. Giuseppe
Son Lorenzo
Boarded in Naples
Delleo (Dalleo)
Survivors Mr. & Mrs. Frank Delleo are met on the pier by Mrs. Delleo's sister, their son Michael and his wife Ida.  Photo: Oggi
Mr. Frank 66 yrs
Mrs. Assunta
Boarded in Genoa. Rescued by the Stockholm. Assunta passed away in 1966 and Frank in 1981.
News photo: Maria Demasi being carried off the Ile de France
Mrs. Maria 54 yrs Boarded in Naples. From New Rochelle.  Rescued by the Ile de France and was treated at St. Clare's Hospital. Passed away in 1986.
Deo Mr. Nicholas Joseph Boarded in Naples
Di Fabio Ms. Adalgisa 16yrs Boarded in Naples. Living in the US.
Di Fiore Mr. Nicola 50 yrs
Cousin Nicola
To Mr. Di Fiore, this trip was the third one that he was on, that the ship sank. The first two were military troop ships he was on during World War II. Mr. Di Fiore passed away in 1992.
Di Giacomo Ms. Maria 
Ms. Giovina
Boarded in Naples.
Di Giovanni Ms. Maria
Ms. Beatrice
Boarded in Naples.
Di Ioia Mr. Michele Boarded in Naples. Living in the US.
Di Leo
(De Leo)
Mr. Attilio 21 yrs Boarded in Naples. Rescued by the Stockholm.
Di Luzio Mr. Maria Boarded in Naples. Perished
Di Luzio Mr. Pietro
Mr. Angelo (Angela)
Boarded in Naples
Di Michele Mr. Antonio
Mrs. Concetta
Boarded in Naples. Concetta perished.
Di Paola Mr. Enrico
Mrs. Maria
Son Bruno 20yrs
Daughter Cecilia 15yrs
Boarded in Naples. Cecilia descended a rope and was pulled into a lifeboat by Liliana Dooner. Rescued by the Cape Ann.
Di Pego
Maria has her identification checked by a policeman at the pier.
Mr. Gino 52yrs
Mrs. Maria 53 yrs
Boarded in Genoa. Going to San Francisco. Maria was in her cabin and Gino was up at the bar when the collision occurred. Gino was petrified and refused to jump into the lifeboat. Maria actually pushed him, he grabbed a rope and would not let go and she punched his knuckles until he let go and dropped into the boat.  Maria actually jumped over the side and landed on her back in a life boat and suffered from back pain all of her life. Gino was treated at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Maria was rescued by the Cape Ann. She was living in the US and passed away in March 2003.
Gino was rescued by the Ile de France and passed way around 1991.
Di Sandro

Filomena and Tullio Di Sandro
Mr.Tullio 35yrs
Mrs. Filomena 29yrs
Daughter-Norma 4yrs
Mr. & Mrs. Di Sandro were rescued by the Ile de France, Norma by the Stockholm.

Mr. Di Sandro dropped his daughter into a lifeboat before the crew was ready to catch her in a blanket. She fell headlong into the lifeboat and struck the railing with her head. Her parents didn't she her again until two days later in Boston's Brighton Marine Hospital where she died with a fractured cranium. She never regained consciousness. The 51st fatality. Click on their name for a link to the full story.

Di Schino
NY Journal American Photo: Mr. Pedagna tearfully hugs grand-daughter Alessandrina, while he places his other arm around his other grand-daughter, Maria, after they landed safely at Pier 88. Mrs. Elisa DiSchino also reaches out to embrace her father.
Mr. Damiano 44 yrs
Mrs. Elisa 35 yrs
Daughter Alessandrina 10 yrs
Daughter Maria Pia 7 yrs
The family was separated during the rescue. Elisa and children were rescued by the Ile de France. Damiano was rescued by the Stockholm.
Di Sipio Mr. Giovanni Boarded in Naples.
Di Vincenzo Ms. Elda Boarded in Naples.
Diana Mrs. Angiolina 49yrs
Son Biaggio 8 yrs
Daughter Victoria 6 yrs
Boarded in Naples. Coming to the US to join her husband. They perished in the collision.
Diener Ms. Rosina 59yrs Boarded in Genoa. From Vienna, Austria. Treated at St. Vincent's Hospital
Donato Mr. Antonio Boarded in Naples
AP Photo: Maria and her mother Liliana arrive in NY.
Mrs. Liliana 24yrs
Daughter-Maria 2yrs
Boarded in Naples. Liliana hoisted her daughter, Maria, on her shoulders and began the climb from C-Deck cabin 641 to the lifeboats. While lowering her into a lifeboat with a rope, Maria slipped out of the rope and fell into the ocean. Liliana jumped in after her and both were hauled into a lifeboat. When a 15 yr old girl named Cecilia DiPaola descended the rope Liliana went back for her and brought her to the lifeboat. Rescued by the Cape Ann. Liliana and Maria live in the US.
Ms. Kathleen Boarded in Genoa
After getting a new outfit Klaus is photographed at a German radio station in New York
Mr. Klaus C. 26 yrs Boarded in Genoa. Helped lower older passengers with ropes tied around their waists off the ship. Rescued by the Stockholm. He is living in Germany.


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