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I know of two book written about the Andrea Doria, Collision Course by Alvin Moscow and Saved by William Hoffer, each contain stories by the survivors. I am sure not all of the stories have been told. If you have a story and would like it to be told send it to me and I'll post it here.

I have been able to obtain hardcover editions of both books from Amazon.com out of print book service. It took nearly 6 months to obtain both books. www.amazon.com

Carmelo, Angela  and Anthony Grillo Recollections, photo,a newspaper article and CNN report.
Ray Maurstad Recollections of the Radio Officer on the tanker Robert E. Hopkins.
Dr. Joseph Bruno Levy Recollections, photo and newspaper article of an Andrea Doria passenger.
Louis Bellomo Recollection of an Andrea Doria passenger as reported to the Virginian-Pilot & Ledger Star
Isa and Annabel Santana Recollections of Survival at Sea
Dr. Lester Sinness Letter from an Ile de France passenger to his friends
Giovanna Corosu Personal recollections and Photos
Joan Dier Newspaper Article and Photos
David L. Hollyer Newspaper article 25 years after the collision.
Ernest Melby Recollection of a crew member of the USNS Private William H. Thomas
Antonio De Girolamo Extensive recollection of the trip from Naples to New York. Gives you a good understanding about transatlantic crossings in 1956 from an immigrants perspective. A must read.
Anna Maria Conti Greene Personal recollection of a Cabin Class passenger
Antonio and Marcella Ponzi Personal recollection during an interview in 1999
Michael Moscatiello Personal recollection from his son's website.
Harry E. Rea Recollection of the Second Radio Officer on the USNS Pvt. William H. Thomas
Julianne McClean A personal remembrance.
Klaus Dorneich A personal remembrance.
Kathy Kerbow A personal remembrance.


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